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Somehow, I found myself on Google Maps today – – and out of pure curiosity, I entered my home address to see what would come up. Because we literally live out in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t really expect that Google Maps would even have us listed. But they do! Once I entered my address and clicked the “satellite” link – I was presented with our home, in all it’s glory – – you can even see my car sitting in the driveway!

Google Maps, Home address, car in driveway

Kinda scary! Good thing I’m not a nude sunbather, eh? ha!

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13 thoughts on “My Home on Google Maps”

  1. Yes, that’s me standing up there waving at you! lol

    Actually, that’s the chimney lol

    Living in the middle of nowhere has it’s perks, for sure – – I’m kind of a hermit anyways, so it suits me fine 🙂

  2. Whaddya mean it’s a ‘good thing’ you’re not a nude sunbather??? b-)

    If you want to be ‘off the grid’ you need a rural address, like mine. My home address is something like ‘Rural Route 1, Box 12345’, City, PA, Zip Code.

    That means the best GMaps can do is put you near the local post office (~9 miles away). I can find my house if I work at it, but you won’t find me by my mailing address alone.

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  3. Yeah, isn’t that crazy!!! I’ve looked my parents’ house up and saw their cars, and I looked up my boyfriend’s and saw his truck . . . since I live in an apartment, there really wasn’t much to look at for me, LOL!

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  4. What I want to know is how you get high speed internet out there? The best I can get in these woods is satellite, dsl would be so much better. I stopped the nude sunbathing when I noticed local aircraft changing their course to fly over my yard. LOL

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  5. I showed my my the new ‘street view’ for Google Maps last night and she couldn’t believe it. It’s a whole new world for her…

    So the I love the plug in for “(» Read Debbie’s last blog post..Molly’s Story)”. I hadn’t noticed that before. I’ll be adding that to my WP blogs! I like it so much it might be enough to get my to migrate my main blog (MT) to WP…

    I just modified my blog so it’ll grab from my main blog at (a redirect in my .htaccess file hopefully makes it work with MT).

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