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Getting to Know You

“Face Behind the Blogger” collection was started by Dave Airey because blogging is truly international, and the chances of meeting the people behind your favorite blogs are slim, a face to the name of someone you haven’t met helps recognition and adds a more personal feel to your conversations. Stevie (revenge) tagged me with it about a week ago – I figured it was time to pony up the goods over here. It took me a while to find some older pictures of myself – – ones that were not scanned, I simply laid out on the table and took […]

Plaxo Reminders

Tomorrow is Pat’s birthday! Isn’t that great? How do I know that? I use Plaxo to stay connected with friends, family, clients and peers within my own industry. It’s a great little service and it has a reminder service. You input the dates you want to remember . . . and it sends you an email a few days ahead of time, giving you NO reason to forget your anniversary, your Mom’s birthday – – or whatever special date that requires remembering. Great service, yep. Wonderful. Helpful. Now, can someone remind me who the hell Pat is? I’d be forever […]


I know what you’re thinking. With a title like that – I’d be thinking the same thing, so don’t feel bad. I am not posting pictures of boobies in an attempt to drive more traffic to my post – – although, what do you want to bet it would work like a charm? Let me explain… I was very surprised by a Mother’s Day gift I received yesterday. Surprised because I received it . . but mostly, surprised because I actually wanted/liked it! I’ll start off by saying that I am not a bird person. I never have been. When […]

Oriole – Finally!

I know.. I know.. I posted my backyard birdwatching a few days ago. You’d think all I do is bird watch, hey? I don’t.. not really. When I was out the other day taking pictures of my fine feathered friends – the one I was really hoping would stop by wasn’t there. But! He was here today. I happened to look out the window on my way to make a cup of coffee and saw him in the tree. See, I put out a special feeder for him every year – and he typically ignores it. I’ve seen him a […]

I Will Be Dead Next Time

I made this post a 2:03 AM today. That makes the date of this post exactly 02:03:04 05/06/07 – cool, no? Enjoy it while it lasts because this type of event will not occur again until 2107.. and, of course, none of us will be here on that date – that much I am sure of. There is no real other point to this post except to bring you that small bit of trivia. You’re welcome.

Never Say Never

A side effect of writing the book over the past several months is the weight gain that comes with lack of exercise and sitting in front of the computer every day, doing nothing but drinking coffee and writing like a maniac. So, now that the writing is over – it’s time for me to get back on track and stop ignoring my expanding ass. Just because it’s behind me and I don’t see it all the time, doesn’t mean I should forget about it, right? So, yea – Melissa (my daughter) and I decided that we would do a 2 […]

Happiness is. . .

Finding one cookie in the bottom of a package that you thought was empty! A few weeks back, Chris traveled to England for business. He put one small suitcase inside another larger suitcase. On his trip home – he came back with his clothes in the small suitcase and absolutely filled the larger suitcase the the brim with biscuits and Marmite. Now, the Marmite I can totally do without – that stuff is just… IEW. I have heard that in order to even like Marmite, you have to have grown up with the stuff. Originally from the UK, Chris did […]

Lady Lumps Redone

Needless to say – my deadlines are killing me….so, not much blogging to be done here lately. Instead, I leave this video for you to be entertained with, if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s Alanis Morisette doing “Lady Lumps” (originally done by the Black Eyed Peas). She appplies her incredible voice and talent to some lyrics that are…well, not so much. Have you heard the original version from Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas? It’s got a great beat… but the lyrics are a tad empty.

You're Missing That One Final Screw

How’s did your Friday go? Mine was.. well… extraordinary. Happy weekend, everyone! Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad On a side note – it looks like I’m all official now. Guess I better get to work! On another side note, I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Now, I’m not usually one to hop on every single new web gadget that rolls into town – but Twitter looks interesting in a social-networking/instant-messaging kind of way. I read about it at Aaron’s site, then read about it again over by Alex and have seen it on various sites and places around the […]

Meeting the President

I was up late last night. Couldn’t sleep. I know, you’re shocked and amazed that I couldn’t sleep. Anyways, I was up reading the latest Vince Flynn book called Act of Treason. A few days ago, I finished reading his book before that called Consent to Kill. I adore Vince Flynn books and they are perfect for the insomniac because they are page turners in that oh-my-god-i-cannot-put-this-down kind of way. So, for anyone who has read Vince Flynn – you know they are basically the television series 24 in a book, on a larger scale. The topic matter deals mainly […]

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