A Glimpse Inside Dark Places


I’m woman enough to admit an unhealthy curiosity to the Postsecret Blog. It’s been around for awhile – I’m sure if you haven’t visited it, you’ve heard of it. It’s a blog that posts secrets. Anyone who wants to can reveal their innermost thoughts and unspeakables… things they would never reveal or say out loud, mostly. People mail them in, anonymously – – and this blog posts them. Secrets, really.

Really, what is it about the people who take the time to write their secrets down and mail them to be posted on an anonymous blog? It’s a wildly popular site that has even been made into a book. The site started out as a community art project and has grown into a cultural phenomenon.

The draw, I believe, is the recognition of hidden pieces of yourself within the revelations of the secrets of complete, anonymous strangers. I guess, maybe, there are some secrets that are so deeply held and considered, by the sender, to be so dark that the only catharsis would be to post them, anonymously..somewhere – – just to get it out.

After all, we all have them. Thoughts, ideas, feelings, past deeds that we think…. “God! If anyone found out….” I dont’ read the site often, at all.. but when I do… I scroll down through all of the secrets on the page and think to myself…. if I were to send in an anonymous secret – what would I send?

I shudder to think!

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2 thoughts on “A Glimpse Inside Dark Places”

  1. I really do believe it helps. I sent one in myself after my last comment and eventhough at the time I thought it was a good one now I know after thinking about all the people who are going to think it’s crazy I believe it’s a good window into living life without regrets! Had to leave this 2nd comment THANKS!!!!

  2. I enjoyed that site also, especially the artwork and attention the writers gave to their postcards. And, I wondered what secret I might send. After careful consideration, the decision was made: nothing! My husband always says if you tell one person it is no longer a secret. They stay with me.

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