Families and Holidays


Hope everyone had a great turkey day! Here’s the best Thanksgiving post I found on blogs – – for whatever reason, it had me busting a gut. Of course, could be because it’s hubby’s blog and all.. I’m biased that way. Moo!

(speaking of hubby and his blog.. this is off topic – but for you movie lovers out there, he did a great write up on one of my favorite movies right here. This is really an awesome flick!)

So we spent Thanksgiving with my folks. It was uneventful.. which means it was nice, relaxing and not a whole lot of family drama crap, which is always nice. On the way home, we stopped at the store to grab a gallon of milk (we were out!) – we get up to the check out where a nice young man, about 17 years old, was working.

He says , “Hope you’re having a nice Thanksgiving.”

I say “We are, thanks – wish you were having a nice one, but you got stuck working the turkey shift, eh?”

This 17 year old kid looks at me and says “Don’t assume that everyone WANTS to spend the holidays with their familes. Some of us are happy working for double pay at the grocery store down the street. I’m having a fabulous holiday, thank you.”


But, ya know, he’s right. I know there have been some years that I wished I was working at the grocery for double pay. What do I have to be thankful for? That this year wasn’t one of those years. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Families and Holidays”

  1. HA! Great joke over on your hubby’s blog. Hehehe.

    Yeah, that kid had a point. I can think of a couple folks I’d rather work for a double paycheck than spend time with.

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