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If They Don’t Play This Song At My Funeral – I’m Not Going

I find the song so beautiful in its simplicity. It’s delicate, like a breeze or butterfly wings. Written in a minor key, it feels immediately like it wants to be sad, but it’s not sad. It’s hopeful and optimistic and, for me, reminiscent of things that are good in this world.

A Good Year

I’m a big fan of movies. Of all sorts, really..I can’t really nail down an exact genre of films that appeals to me more than others. Every once in a while, a film comes a long that just grips me, holds my attentions and sparks my passion and intrigue. I can name a handful of films right now, off the top of my head: The Red Violin (Violon rouge, Le), Man on Fire, Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Lucky Number Slevin, The Constant Gardner, The English Patient – – and to throw a little fetish and change into the […]

Shall We Play a Game?

Anyone with a bit of age on ’em may read that title and in their head hear Joshua saying it in that menacing, computerized voice that I will forever associate with Global Thermonuclear War and complete annihilation of the world. By now, you’re thinking… “What IS she rambling on about??” This weekend, Chris and I reached new levels of geek when we decided to dig out our copy of War Games – a movie released in 1983 starring (a VERY young) Matthew Broderick. It was one of the first mainstream cybercrime, cyberterrorism flicks to hit the scene. Basically, the kid, […]

The Bourne Obsession

I must have been 18 when I read my very first Robert Ludlum book, The Scarlatti Inheritance – first published in 1971. My dad had this huge bookcase full of books and one entire row of them were made up of Robert Ludlum books. I started from the left and worked my way to the right – reading them all. I loved the Bourne series… The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Legacy. I devoured those books back then. My feelings were mixed when they started making the Bourne movies. You know how Hollywood never […]

Smokin' Aces and The Departed

We watched this flick on Saturday. Smokin’ Aces has just an incredible cast of actors. Check out this line up: Andy Garcia, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven…Ryan Reynolds…even Wayne Newton and Alicia Keys make an appearance in this film. I was expecting great things from this movie going in, just based on the cast alone. I came away from it a little disappointed. It’s not that it is a bad flim, because it is…. ok – – just not *as* good as I had expected from that type of line up. Maybe it was the overall plot […]

WordPress MU and John Cusack

So, I received an extension on my final deadline by a week – which I’m thrilled about, to no end. The final chapters I’m currently writing are on WordPress MU and I seriously need every single second I can have to write these chapters. Thank you, Melody – a thousand times thank you! I will be completed with the book by April 26 – followed by an extensive editing process and final author review where I will have the chance to update everything to reflect the changes that have taken place within the WordPress software over the past several months. […]

Are you Ready to Rumble?

All work and no play makes Lisa… really boring. I have BIG plans tomorrow involving my sofa, the big screen, popcorn and beer. Tomorrow is the big day, can you even stand it? GO COLTS! Hey, I’m a Wisconsin girl, you didn’t really expect me to root for da’Bears, did ya? I’m almost looking foward to half time as much as the game, itself. Prince is the half time show. I saw some interview on E! with I don’t know who, someone.. anyways – they said that the only way they could get Prince to do halftime was if he […]

Families and Holidays

Hope everyone had a great turkey day! Here’s the best Thanksgiving post I found on blogs – – for whatever reason, it had me busting a gut. Of course, could be because it’s hubby’s blog and all.. I’m biased that way. Moo! (speaking of hubby and his blog.. this is off topic – but for you movie lovers out there, he did a great write up on one of my favorite movies right here. This is really an awesome flick!) So we spent Thanksgiving with my folks. It was uneventful.. which means it was nice, relaxing and not a whole […]

Serious Serial Series Syndrome

Go ahead – say THAT title 10 times fast – – then go ahead and untie your tongue while you’re at it! Serious Serial Series Syndrome™ – I have it. I never, ever have time to get into a television series while it’s still running. Really – how do people keep up with it? To plunk my butt down in front of the television every Thursday at 7pm is way too much of a committment for me, and I do have committment issues, you know. Don’t let my newlywed status confuse you – – I’m a true phobe. But – […]

Lucky Number Slevin

I’m picky – I fully admit it. It takes a helluv a lot to impress me when it comes to film. Movies, of late, haven’t WOWED me much. Hollywood seems to like remaking old films, and I’m guessing it’s because they’re running out of decent material to write about. I think the last movie I was really impressed by was Man On Fire – now there’s a movie I don’t tire of watching! So, this past week – Chris brought home Lucky Number Slevin from Blockbuster. It certainly had a promising cast – – I mean, with names like these, […]

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