A Very Bose Christmas

My ears lost their innocence in 1990. I used to be a person who was just happy listening to music on whatever medium was available – – the car radio, my home stereo system, the loudspeakers at the mall – it didn’t really matter to me.  Although, I am a musician – and a classically trained one at that – my ear was never really very picky when it came to consuming music for my entertainment.   My ear only seemed to be MY worst critic, not anyone else’s.  That is until 1989, when I married a true audiophile geek.  If […]

Working it out

The following content is re-posted, in full, from a post I did on this blog 4 years ago. Lots has changed in 4 years – – even more has changed in the past 3 months. Anger, betrayal, hurt…those are all strong, real, but fleeting emotions. Love stays…and that never changes….

Saying goodbye to 2008

I loved 2008…and I hated it. Professionally, it was really a phenomenal year. E.Webscapes did 409 projects in 2008 – that’s more than a project a day. It’s almost exactly double what we did in 2007 – and the profit margins tripled. I also finished another book in 2008 and have another (different) one in the works for 2009 (more about that another day!) I would have to say that professionally speaking, 2008 was my most productive year, to date, since I quit my nursing job and became self-employed back in 2004. I’m pretty proud of that – and proud […]

Happy Halloween, Weenies.

Halloween is not a “holiday” around here. Not for any religious reasons or other moral convictions; truth be told – my kids are way past Trick O’ Treating age and we live way too far outside city limits for any parent to drag their kid to our doorstep for candy treats. Seriously, the middle of nowhere. So for those of you who celebrate – enjoy! Be safe with your Trick O’ Treating and take the candy into be examined before you eat it – lots of local hospitals offer free Candy X-Ray services on Halloween. Our does! My friend Carol, […]

This week I. . .

It’s been a WEEK! I’m happy that it’s over and the weekend is finally here . . . seems like it took forever. This week I… …Finally have an answer after a somewhat worrisome week..and without too much detail, I’ll just say this: The pathology test, mammogram and ultrasound came back completely NORMAL. They didn’t show up with anything that is not supposed to be there. So, I guess you guys are stuck with me for awhile! …Flooded the kitchen and, subsequently, the garage that sits underneath it. What? Anyone could make the same mistake I did: I turned on […]

I had to Google you, Lisa. Google.

Me: “So, where did we leave off?? I think the last time we talked, your mother died, you lost your job and a good friend of yours stabbed you in the back without remorse …. my father had a heart attack, I left my nursing career for self-employment in a completely unrelated field and I got married… so how what’s new???” Her: “No. My mother died, I lost my job and my friend stabbed me in the back. YOU? Your dad had a heart attack, you left nursing and I found out you got married because of those pictures on […]

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father’s Day.. and it got me thinking about fathers and what an incredibly important part they play in the lives of their children. No two fathers are the same, and they all come in different shapes and sizes. I think that fathers are sometimes undervalued and don’t get the spotlight as much as Moms do. That’s not to undervalue Moms in anyway – I happen to be one, myself. Though, in some cases, I just don’t think that Dads get the kudos that so very much deserve. My own father is a quiet, humble and gentle man. Looking […]

Something I'd really love to share.. but can't!

There is something I saw today that I really want to share here on this site, but I just can’t. I’m really excited about it and would love to show you… but… ack! See, the problem with family members knowing the URL to your blog significantly decreases the amount of things you can share on your blog – – ESPECIALLY when it comes to birthday presents! I have a certain person in the house with a birthday coming up a little over a month and I got something really special for them! It’s a certain custom something that needed to […]

All My Exes Live in… Google?

It feels a bit strange… when one of your ex-boyfriends finds you on the ‘net by doing a Google (or in this case, Yahoo) search – isn’t it? Ever had that happen to you? I just did today… and it’s… weird. Chris contacted me via email today. The Chris I’m referring to is not my husband, who is Chris also.. but this particular Chris is a guy I dated for 3 years, quite some time ago. A lifetime ago, actually. He’s a great guy with a beautiful wife and a whole boatload of beautiful children. He searched for my name […]

Hi's been awhile!

It’s been damn near two weeks since I updated this site – – and in blog time, that’s a long time, hey? Hmm…do you own your blog, or does your blog own you? Ever feel beholden to this thing called blog? I know a lot of folks who do… and in the last 5 years that I’ve been maintaining this lil’ blog, there have been times I have. In the last week, however…I almost forgot it was here! Bad, baaaaaaaad blog owner! I think after finally finishing the book – I needed a mental break. Not too mention a physical […]

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