Baby It's COLD Outside!


Yesterday, I started getting weather alerts, via Firefox, for my general location. (I use the 1-Click Weather extension) – – these alerts were telling me of winter storm warning advisories for my area. I was THRILLED! Of course this means we can hit the slopes tomorrow! w00t! So, I worked late into the evening last night to get some work done – including the launch of my brand spanking new redesign over at EWebscapes – that puppy is done and dusted, for the moment. Still tweaking, though… endlessly tweaking. Anyways – here are some pretty Wisconsin winter photos snapped right from my doorstep:

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More Winter Wonderfuls after the jump…..

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8 thoughts on “Baby It's COLD Outside!”

  1. *sips my coffee*

    *looks at snow pictures*

    *sips coffee*

    *looks at fireplace with fire roaring*

    *looks at snow pictures*

    You know something? I almost feel like I’m there with you. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Thanks Bug! I like the sunshine, too… funny thing about winter – the sun can shine beautifully on the coldest of days! But then, it reflects off the snow… blinds me… makes me go off course and I end up skiing the BLACK diamonds… before I know it – – I’m sliding on my ass all the way down to the chalet… where I promptly remove my skies and hit the bar for a Corona and a pizza.

    Yea, sunshine is nice lol

  3. Lisa,

    I’m getting ready to move back to Wisconsin (my homeland) with my family. We’ve been living in the Hot South for too long. You’re pictures and writing have dispelled any second thoughts I was having about quitting my job and leaving here.


    1. Happy to help, K. 🙂 My husband often talks about moving to the South – – but I would seriously miss the winters here, believe it or not. He says “We can always fly and travel to see snow” – but it’s just not the same. Good luck!

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