Coffee Break at 9PM


Let’s see.. my day consisted of:

  • Setting up one completed custom WordPress installation and design for a client whose host has some kinda funky PHP settings that took about 3 hours to finally resolve and get the WordPress installation working correctly. (Psst . . for LunarPages folks, if you suffer from the ‘500 Internal Server’ affliction after running a clean install of WordPress and can’t make a post to your site without being locked out completely – chmod folders to 755, chmod PHP files to 644 and then put this in your .htaccess file:
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off
  • Restoring another clients account after their older version of WordPress got hacked – then provided an upgrade to said WordPress installation. If you’re not running WordPress 2.0.5 – do yourself a favor and upgrade, eh? (or hire someone to upgrade it for you)
  • Revised and completed another custom WordPress design for another client – from green to purple to green back to purple again.
  • Provided WordPress upgrades to 5 additional clients – just because they wanted and needed it.
  • Provided a custom conversion from a Serendipty blog with over 2000 posts into a new WordPress installation. No easy task, really – since a Serendipity to WordPress import script does not exist. But got it done.. all 2000 posts and 1700+ comments imported nicely.. template conversion completed – its like Serendipity never was.
  • Processed 18 new orders for custom design work to be done over the next month.. ahem, or so.
  • Worked on 3 other custom designs that are currently ‘works in progress’ to be completed over the next week.
  • Began the process of updating the free WordPress themes that I’ve released.. making sure they are all IE7 compatible. Should have it done tomorrow..ahem, or so.

Who says I’m not productive. I’m still at it – and have lord knows how many emails in my inbox just waiting for my undivided attention – just thought I’d take a quick break. Have some coffee. Put my feet up and read all about TomKats wedding in Italy. I need the brainless fluff to bring my brain back down to center. It really is a good thing I am afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder – otherwise I’d never be able to get so much accomplished in one working day.

Looking at the clock.. I see my coffee break is now over. It was nice sharing this time with you. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Coffee Break at 9PM”

  1. I’m tellin’ ya – Attention Deficit Disorder is my friend 😀

    I’ll keep an eye out for your email, Linds – glad your travels were safe ones!

  2. Good greif woman! Your ADD sounds a helluva lot more productive than mine…I just spend my days looking at shiny things and chaising butterflies *chukle*

    Anywhoot, Happy Thanksgiving to you and the fam! 🙂

  3. Jonic – NOW you tell me! Oh how I wish I had that information prior to doing that…argh! 😉 I’ve downloaded it, tho – and will spend some time comparing it with what I used.. which was a VERY hacked up script that I would be embarassed to release anywhere! lol But hey, it worked.

  4. I only found your blog yesterday! 🙂

    At least you’ve got it for future conversions… Like I say it might end up in the core (I think his WordPress to WordPress importer has been accepted), so it should receive more support from the dev community. I don’t know how stable it is now, but if it gets included it should work perfectly 🙂

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