Yes, I am Procrastinating


2 days to go on the book deadline – – will she make it? Or will she lose her sanity in the process? Time will tell. I have yet to finish the chapters for WordPress MU, but am getting there! I do have my Amazon.Com Connect Blog – so this is getting more and more real every day. Eek!

Is the redesign of a blog a spring cleaning type of thing? I just helped Aaron launch his new design over at Technosailor. And Leanne just launched her own beautiful new design today. Is it a spring thing? I’m getting the itch to redo my own – – as you know, I don’t stick with any one design for very long. I think 6 months was my longest run with the same design – – so, of course, you know I’m itching to redo it. But, alas, I don’t have the time so we’ll have to stick with the dark grey and pink for now. But I’m thinking something white next time. Something that is unique and hasn’t been done. Maybe white text on a white background – making you all highlight the text with your mouse in order to read? Heh – well, at least it would be unique! Time now to stop procrastinating – – if anyone has spare scotch.. please do send!

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