Weekends Are Too Short


Is it just me – or do weekends seem to be getting shorter and shorter? Same amount of days and hours . . . I think it’s a cosmic trick, though, because this past weekend just flew by so fast! First – the Christina Aguilera concert on Friday was fabulous! Not only can that girl sing…but she is a fantastic performer! The opening act was The Pussycat Dolls and I was pleasantly surprised with their show – it was pretty damned good, too. Lots of T and A in the show .. which is to be expected with those two acts, of course. This is what made it the perfect birthday present for Chris ::wink:: He says “It’s like watching strippers who sing”. The only downfall was the sound system at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. Christina has such an amazing voice – and yet, for many of the up tempo songs, all you heard was music and had to strain at times to hear her voice through it…so, that was a little (a LOT) disappointing.

We thought we’d be some of the oldest people there – but not so! There were quite a few of us ‘old folk’ (read: in their thirties) – and actually, quite a few folks older than that. Along with the usual suspects, of course: screaming teenage girls.

We stayed in Milwaukee Friday night.. had dinner.. drinks…and stayed up way too late. But it was fun and nice to get away, if even for one night. Got home on Saturday and started digging into my normal work load and it was back to life, as usual. The book is soooooooo close to being done – Thursday is my final deadline – – so it’s a big push for me to finish this up…and then I shall have my life back again . . . maybe.

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  1. I’m glad you had a good time at the concert. Weekends always go too fast when you’re with someone you like. ;P

    Pfft, you will NOT get your life back. You’re such a over-achiever there will be something else on your plate soon enough.

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