The Final Countdown


I have about 20 hours left on my book deadline. Really, who’s counting?

Apparently I am. Why am I blogging? Because I can procrastinate like a pro, when it comes right down to it. Besides, I work best under pressure.

Just wanted to share my favorite quote of the week:

Bill Maher: Britney Spears is out of rehab and says she’s feeling much better now. How nice for Miss Spears. After watching her antics over the past year – I just need to know the answer to this question:
Is it possible to UN-Masturbate to someone?

Queen – Under Pressure
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8 thoughts on “The Final Countdown”

  1. Charlie – – it is book! Thanks for checking in on me 😀 I sent in the final bits at around 12:30am last night (or this morning I guess)


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