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In the midst of all the hustle and bustle going on around here – we had a change to hit the slopes a few times in the past week… preparing for our big family ski vacation in Vermont, coming up in just a short week! Yay! Here’s a really BAD picture of my daughter, Melissa, and I getting off the ski lift – Chris took the shot with my Casio Exilim – – the lighting was bad and we were moving to fast for a good shot, but here it is:

downhill skiing, ski lift, skiing, casio exilim

Here’s a few closeups of the kid and I enjoying some winter fun and frolic:

Mom and daughter skiing

skiing, family time

On the 22nd – we’re heading to New York to spend Christmas with Chris’s mother and sister. Melissa is just DYING to see the huge Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, as well as a chance at ice skating at The Rink. We’ll probably head down to the city on Sat or Sun – depending on how our schedule goes. We’re only staying with Jane until the 26th – then we leave and are headed up to Vermont for some a fun family ski vacation until the 30th. We’re driving there and back.. from Wisconsin to New York to Vermont and back. At least the kids are older and easier to entertain on the road than when they were younger. These days they have DVDs to watch, iPods and video games.

I remember when I was a kid taking road trips with my folks to see my grandparents in Iowa – – nothing but miles of corn, and korny road songs.

I need the vacation, though – that’s for sure. Not so long ago, I mentioned something about how my life could change drastically over the next several months and I found out today that it’s actually going to happen. I’m still not mentioning it until the signature ink is dry on the contract – but it’s a good thing, really. I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time and will be able to mention more about it in the coming days. So, I think this vacation will be my last one, at least for the 6-8 months anyways.

NO, I’m not pregnant! Heh.

Oh – one last thing… I missed out on the company Christmas party AGAIN this year. “The Company” refers to Chris’s company. They have it every year in Atlanta at his biz partner’s home. Last year I didn’t go either . . I can’t remember why – I think maybe it was because of my parent’s health. This year? Too much work with deadlines that were just too tight to try and swing time away. This is what I got from them as a result:

christmas party, loser

Chris SWEARS that the “L” stands for “Lisa” – – but an inside source tells me that they are doing the “L” for “Loser” because I’ve been antisocial for the last two years when it comes to the company Christmas party. I’ve already got it marked on my calendar to go next year – – I don’t think I would wiggle out of it if I wanted to!

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