Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

My name is Lisa and I love Brett Favre. There. I said it.

Like most Packer fans, the pending retirement of our beloved number 4 was something we’d rather not talk about, at the time. We knew it was coming – but it was the 500 lb gorilla in the room that everyone was ignoring. That is, until 2008 when the Packers web site announced Brett Favre’s retirement from football.

Brett Favre. I can't get over it. I think I need therapy.

Sounds like Brett had a good opener with the New York Jets…..even though the Jets eventually lost to the Redskins today in the pre-season game. We saw Favre’s first season TD pass — a 4 yarder to TE Dustin Keller…as a Jet – not a Packer. Seeing Brett Favre in a New York Jets jersey?? Surreal! Like it’s all some strange dream.. or alternate universe. I’m not sure how long this will take – – or if it’s even possible for me – to get over. I really do like Brett Favre and I do really hope he’s happy playing […]

Designers, do you pursue local business?

It’s no big surprise that the majority of my design business thrives on national and international clients. Having a presence on the web will do that for you – your business is found by people from all over the world. If you run a design shop – your experience is probably much the same as mine, in that regard. But when is the last time you turned your focus locally to build business relationships? There is probably a virtual landmine of business opportunities right in your own hometown that you are possibly overlooking when your focus is global. I live […]

Happy, Happy

Today is my birthday! Let’s see.. the hubby is outta town on a business trip, the kids each hanging out with their respective friends and me? Working, of course. Although – all is not lost! I received a VERY nice b-day present from Chris that I’m really looking forward to! Next week, we’re headed down to Milwaukee so I can shop for and pick out my own, personal scuba gear. I’m excited about it, because now I won’t have to rent every time we go somewhere! Speaking of going somewhere – there is a second part to the gift that […]

Its been a really good week

I’m rounding the bend.. hurtling towards my second deadline, which is due March 1. It will be a solid few days of writing between now and then until I have to start working on my third deadline (March 31.) Someone here told me that this book thing was a GOOD idea — who was it?? *leering* I blame the callouses on my fingertips on you – I hope you feel guilty! Overall, its been a good week. My friend Leanne has had a BANNER week – and I know mine does not compare… but still a good one in the […]

A Redesign during the Superbowl

Well, it’s finally over! The Colts did it – as I knew they would. That first 92-yard touchdown on kickoff had me plenty worried, though – talk about building momentum right off the bat! And after all my build up about watching the halftime show with Prince… I didn’t get the chance. My son called and got off work early and I had to go pick him up. Normally, I would do what any SuperBowl fan would do at that moment in time…”That’s great – you’ve got two legs, walk home!” But, alas.. it’s a balmy negative 15 degrees. That’s […]

Are you Ready to Rumble?

All work and no play makes Lisa… really boring. I have BIG plans tomorrow involving my sofa, the big screen, popcorn and beer. Tomorrow is the big day, can you even stand it? GO COLTS! Hey, I’m a Wisconsin girl, you didn’t really expect me to root for da’Bears, did ya? I’m almost looking foward to half time as much as the game, itself. Prince is the half time show. I saw some interview on E! with I don’t know who, someone.. anyways – they said that the only way they could get Prince to do halftime was if he […]

Ski Vacation – Gore Mountain

This is Gore Mountain in Lake George, New York. It’s where we ended up spending our family skiing vacation after spending Christmas with Chris’ Mom in Putnam Valley, NY. In researching ski resorts in the NY area, we found there really wasn’t much to choose from due to lack of snow. Many of the ski runs were closed due to weather – meaning there was no snow, and it wasn’t even cold enough to make snow. But – we dug around until we found one mountain that was open and that’s where we headed. Gore Mountain was about a 3 […]

Winter Fun

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle going on around here – we had a change to hit the slopes a few times in the past week… preparing for our big family ski vacation in Vermont, coming up in just a short week! Yay! Here’s a really BAD picture of my daughter, Melissa, and I getting off the ski lift – Chris took the shot with my Casio Exilim – – the lighting was bad and we were moving to fast for a good shot, but here it is: Here’s a few closeups of the kid and I […]

Baby It's COLD Outside!

Yesterday, I started getting weather alerts, via Firefox, for my general location. (I use the 1-Click Weather extension) – – these alerts were telling me of winter storm warning advisories for my area. I was THRILLED! Of course this means we can hit the slopes tomorrow! w00t! So, I worked late into the evening last night to get some work done – including the launch of my brand spanking new redesign over at EWebscapes – that puppy is done and dusted, for the moment. Still tweaking, though… endlessly tweaking. Anyways – here are some pretty Wisconsin winter photos snapped right […]

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