Wedding Photos

I was thrilled to receive the official wedding pictures from our photographer today in the mail! FINALLY, a month after the wedding, we were able to sit back and enjoy the DVD that he sent of almost 700 pictures from our wedding. Don’t worry! I won’t share all 700 of them here with you and

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Losing My Mind

Why didn’t anyone advise me to elope? Let me just say – I could NEVER be a wedding planner (ala’ J-Lo). All the nit picky little details have my brain spinning! We’re leaving for NY in two days. Pulling together a wedding in New York from Wisconsin is no small feat, let me just say.

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Home Stretch

I have a week to go before we leave for NY – then a week after that.. the wedding! I’m sure my blogging will get back to normal (whatever normal is) after I return from the honeymoon – – I’m thinking, breathing, eating, sleeping wedding plans these days.. I’m sure I sound like a broken

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Rain, Rain Go Away!

It’s been pissing down rain here all day long.. how dreary! That fabulous man-o-mine is on his way home, as I type. I’m about to leave to go pick him up at the airport in about an hour. I’m still a basket case when he flies.. that much hasn’t changed one bit. You’d think I’d

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19 days, and counting…. the wedding is right around the corner, can you believe it??? I picked up our wedding rings yesterday. We got them about a month ago, but they needed serious sizing – – mine was too small and his was too big. Now, they are both just right. Just gotta make sure

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Friday Night for Losers

It’s June. Already. This means that my wedding is eeeeking up on me real quick-like – – how did that happen? All that time I thought I had back in September when he proposed.. all of the sudden, I’m already packing for the honeymoon! Wow! It seems that almost everything is planned, paid for and

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More Wedding Progress

I think my charge card is smoking from over use! More items off my to do list: Place cards and holders (cute little purple butterfly holders at each place setting!) Pretty silk butterfly confetti to scatter around on each table The wedding favors and gifts for the guests The cake is HALFWAY ordered – need

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The Stress Continues

Repeat after me: Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Now click your heels three times and you may find yourself in a state of denial and dellusion just like me! And to think, just yesterday, I assured Becca that I wasn’t nearing the bridezilla syndrome yet.

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