Our wedding – the dinner


I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention our amazing caterer from the wedding! Amanda and her crew from Amanda Smith, Inc did just an amazing job with our wedding. Everything from her staff, to the table settings, the planning, the food . . right down to the cake – they were simply amazing.

Our Wedding - Catering Staff

LOTS more pictures under the link – – beware, there are LOTS it may take a minute to load!

Our Wedding - Catering Staff2

Our Wedding - Catering Staff3

From the food right down to the table settings, they did an fabulous job on our wedding day!

Our Wedding - Catering Staff4

They come right in with their supplies and ingredients and just take over your entire kitchen!

Our Wedding - Catering Staff5

Our Wedding - Catering Staff6

The table settings were very pretty. Our ideas combined with some little things picked up, along with our caterer and her ideas and supplies – it turned out perfect!

Our Wedding - The dinner

Our Wedding - The dinner 2

Our Wedding - The dinner 3

Our Wedding - The dinner 4

Not only was the company nice – but the food was AMAZING!

Our Wedding - Good Food!

Our Wedding - Good Food! 2

Our Wedding - Good Food! 3

So good was the food at our wedding – here we are posing with a shrimp! (hint: the shrimp is between us):

Me, Chris and a Shrimp

Overall, the dinner was a success!

Our Wedding - Dinnertime

From the Dan’s (the best man’s) speech:

The Best Man and his speech

To Leanne (my maid of honor) and her speech:

The Maid of Honor

That she slaved over and made sure to take notes, just to get the right words:

Leanne's speech

Which caused a few happy tears and one HUGE hug:

Lisa and Leanne

The cake was a simple yellow sponge with a fluffy white frosting and choclate dipped strawberries. YUM!

Our Wedding - The cake

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the traditional “smearing of cake on the face of the groom” – suffice to say, I got him good!

Our Wedding - Cutting The Cake

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  2. Hello Lisa,
    I came across your blog and these pictures! They’re great!
    We just finished our new website and I would love to integrate some of these images into it if that’s ok with you. Also, I will direct readers to your blog on mine.
    Hope all is well.


    1. Amanda – great to hear from you! Please do use any of these pictures on your site – absolutely! The day was so perfect and you and your folks had a big hand in that – 3 years later, and I’m still dreaming of the food from our wedding! 🙂

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I bought WordPress for dummies, however, I still fill like a dummy. I would like to see what you would charge me to make a copy of everything… I’m thinking I need to move my site to godaddy so I can have regular backups. Secondly, my web designer/hosting never used the metatags, he simply relied on youtube to draw traffic to my site which youtube videos are on my site. Somehow in my mind having youtube direct traffic away from my site to now a smorgasboard of the competitions youtube seems to me counterproductive. What is your take on all of this?

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