Rain, Rain Go Away!


It’s been pissing down rain here all day long.. how dreary!

That fabulous man-o-mine is on his way home, as I type. I’m about to leave to go pick him up at the airport in about an hour. I’m still a basket case when he flies.. that much hasn’t changed one bit. You’d think I’d get used to it in the past 6 years we’ve been together?

Nope – I think I’ll always be a basket case whenever he gets on a plane. Though, it makes for some good nervous energy to.. you know.. welcome him home.. in private. (wink)

We’ll have a relaxing evening – then the next week or so will be spent putting all the finishing touches on the wedding plans and getting things ready to go.. because we hit the road for New York in exactly 9 days.. and counting.

Still. NO. cold feet! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away!”

  1. Hey Lisa,

    Glad to hear that the wedding is on track. I’m sure it will be a stunning one…

    I know what you mean about welcoming a loved one back home. That’s always fun 🙂

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