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Lisa Sabin-Wilson and Cory Miller SXSW 2010

Interview with WebDesign.Com

While at SXSW 2010 in Austin, I spent some time with Cory Miller of WebDesign.Com and, who interviewed me about WordPress, my books and design work.

All Work n' No Play . . You know the story

The only problem with working on so many great blogs for our clients is that my own gets sorely neglected. I’ve had a new design for this site in the works for several months – but I can’t find a spare minute. Also, relatively decent ideas for posts here come and go throughout my day. They are there….then *poof* they are gone again. Aside from gobs of design work, I did finally begin the writing of the second edition of WordPress For Dummies, due to be released in a few short months. I did finish the writing of the free […]

Who Took My Hal.DLL ?

I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. In efforts to decrease my stress levels – I was planning on spending the entire weekend planting and fussing with pretty things in the new flower bed that I built a few weeks ago. (I’m still holding off until Memorial Day Weekend to plant anything in the veggie garden — in Wisconsin, you cannot be 100% sure winter is over until the end of May). As my workday on Friday wound down to an end – I rebooted my computer. That was my first mistake – – but it was running […]

Random thoughts for the day . . .

Sometimes taking off in the middle of a work day to visit the garden center to buy a few pretty blooms is necessary. 85 degrees is way too hot for a day in early May – especially when I plan to do work outside. Especially when a well meaning friend reminds you to wear sunscreen, and you don’t. Thinking you know better – you head out to get the planting done and end up with a sunburn and a friend who knew better. Having one or two really close friends who know and understand you, completely 100% through and through, […]

Ambitious Weekend Plans

It’s 8pm on Sunday and this is the first time I’ve stepped foot inside the house since about 8AM this morning. I spent 12 hours today, and 12 hours all day yesterday, doing lawn and garden work outside and am purely exhausted. I would be sleeping right now except for the fact that Chris and Melissa just left to go pick up Chinese and I am STARVING. We expanded the vegetable garden from a 6×10 foot area to a 25×25 foot plot. This required a lot of tilling, digging, picking out of grass clumps and stones and otherwise grooming it […]


I’ve been completely abandoned this weekend. My husband left for England – he’ll be gone for the week. My kids are out and about hanging out with their various fiends…. er.. I mean friends. Leaving me completely alone – and you know how much I love that, right? Well, it’s allowing me to get a lot of work done – so that’s a good thing. I’m waiting for this Wisconsin weather to make up its mind on what it wants to do. It’s 80 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next. I’m dying to get out there and get […]

A lazy, relaxing weekend

My daughter stayed at her friends house on Friday and Saturday night. Because we hadn’t met this friends parent yet – we decided to take her over there and meet the folks. They’re extremely nice people – the kind of folks we’d enjoy having over for a BBQ later in the summer. I was admiring the flower bed in their front yard when the Mrs. informed me that it’s all her husbands green thumb, and as a matter of fact, his garden was being featured in a gardening publication next month. Wow! I mean, the front yard was beautiful – […]

…How does your garden grow?

No, I didn’t die or drop off the face of the earth, or anything quite so dramatic. I have, however, been away from my computer pursuing other, non-electronic forms of entertainment. (yes, yes – in between my work responsibilties I do try to step away from the computer. Just because I’m not blogging about work doesn’t mean I’m not working – just wanted to clarify that for a few folks) It took about 3 full days, but I now have a brand new vegetable garden in the yard We found a perfect direct-sunlight part of the yard that exists between […]

Garden Update

I‘m happy to make an update on my gardening efforts and state that I haven’t killed anything yet! This is incredible news – seeing as how I have a reputation that is hard to live down within my immediate family. Sheesh! A girl gets lazy with her garden for ONE SEASON – – things croak off – – and the family will never let me forget it (read: last year I was too busy to tend to my garden and started it off with really good intentions – – but sadly most things died). This year, even with the crappy […]

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