I’ve been completely abandoned this weekend. My husband left for England – he’ll be gone for the week. My kids are out and about hanging out with their various fiends…. er.. I mean friends. Leaving me completely alone – and you know how much I love that, right?

Well, it’s allowing me to get a lot of work done – so that’s a good thing.

I’m waiting for this Wisconsin weather to make up its mind on what it wants to do. It’s 80 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next. I’m dying to get out there and get my flower garden going, bring my roses out of hiding and I’m otherwise completely ready to start digging in the dirt and rolling around in the mud to get my garden started. Springtime is always like this, though – – the weather starts to warm a little and I get impatient. Memorial day is the time to really start the gardening around these parts… just. need. to. be. more. patient.

This year, I’m planning on extending the vegetable garden out by about another 5-6 feet in order to make room for all the stuff I want to plant. I’m going to give melons a shot this year and see if I can have any success in that area. My brother grows some of the most delicious canteloupes in his garden.. I may have to give him a call for some tips. Unless YOU have any? 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Abandoned”

  1. Well I don’t have any great tips to tell the truth. In fact the way I garden is I stick something in the ground and if it can survive the sparse waterings, super hot temps and lack of shade here in Arizona then it can stay *chuckle*

  2. Jenny – actually, it is. I suspect they all just want to desperately get away from the raving, stressed out woman with her final deadline 2 weeks away lol That’s just my take (I bet they’d agree, too!)

  3. I can’t wait either. That’s my stress relief I think! as far as planting goes,
    just make sure you have good soil. Go to any nursery and let them know what you are planting. They can help you as to what to add to the garden soil. Make sure if you have a cutting garden and a vegetable garden that they are a bit separate.

  4. Stacey – same here. Gardening is my stress relief in the spring/summer. In the winter – it’s downhill skiing. 🙂 Thanks for the soil tip! 😀

  5. Ugh. Work for melons???? Blech. One of the few foods I just can’t bring myself to eat…

    As for tips on them, make sure you plant a lot of seeds. At least two dozen since so many of the blooms die…

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