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I‘m happy to make an update on my gardening efforts and state that I haven’t killed anything yet! This is incredible news – seeing as how I have a reputation that is hard to live down within my immediate family. Sheesh! A girl gets lazy with her garden for ONE SEASON – – things croak off – – and the family will never let me forget it (read: last year I was too busy to tend to my garden and started it off with really good intentions – – but sadly most things died).

This year, even with the crappy weather we’re having, I’m happy to report that so far:

My Hydrangeas are doing well:




The Clemetis that I planted at the base of one of the trees is climbing and happy:


My various different roses are doing wonderfully:






And even….EVEN… my Rhododendron is beginning to bloom (YAY!):


This is all very good and encourging news and I am WELL on my way to losing the reputation of “Garden Slayer”.

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6 thoughts on “Garden Update”

  1. Oooohhh aaaahh, all this crappy gloomy rainy weather really makes things beautiful, huh? Here’s hoping for a relatively wet year, maybe Mother Nature won’t kill your pretties with another drought. (see, I don’t blame you, who could spend THAT much time outside with a hose last year? Things got parched, things died, droughts happen.)

    Lookin’ lovely – and great pics!

    Hey – Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. How pretty! I’m green with envy…haven’t gotten a thing in the ground this year so it’s going to be very drab around my house *chuckle* Happy Mother’s Day btw 🙂

  3. Thank you, Leanne – – Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

    It WAS really dry last year, wasn’t it????
    Hmm… that MUST be why everything died!

    I’m not a garden slayer – – I’m not! \:d/

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