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Sometimes taking off in the middle of a work day to visit the garden center to buy a few pretty blooms is necessary.

85 degrees is way too hot for a day in early May – especially when I plan to do work outside. Especially when a well meaning friend reminds you to wear sunscreen, and you don’t. Thinking you know better – you head out to get the planting done and end up with a sunburn and a friend who knew better.

Having one or two really close friends who know and understand you, completely 100% through and through, is better than having a hundred friends who don’t.

Sometimes the right thing to do is just that. The self-sacrifice felt in the immediate moment may not feel so hot… it takes time, sometimes years, to be able to look back and say, with 100% confidence.. “Yep – that was the right thing to do”. You can learn to live with denying yourself a certain satisfaction.. but I think it would be hard to learn to live with yourself for not doing the right thing at the exact time your gut tells you that it’s right…because you would be forever a part of an internal battle to justify yourself and your actions, even if only to your own conscience.

I’ll take bittersweet over bitter any day of the week.

I’m not dying of skin cancer – and for that I am grateful.

How was your Thursday?

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  2. Hi Lisa,

    My first visit to your site and I must applaud you on your theme. It’s incredibly original for me.

    I arrived here after Stevie took part in my first ever blog meme, and I’m glad he did.

    Off I go to subscribe to your RSS feed.

    Ciao from Scotland.

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