A lazy, relaxing weekend


My daughter stayed at her friends house on Friday and Saturday night. Because we hadn’t met this friends parent yet – we decided to take her over there and meet the folks. They’re extremely nice people – the kind of folks we’d enjoy having over for a BBQ later in the summer. I was admiring the flower bed in their front yard when the Mrs. informed me that it’s all her husbands green thumb, and as a matter of fact, his garden was being featured in a gardening publication next month. Wow! I mean, the front yard was beautiful – – but not really something to write home about, ya know?

She must’ve seen the look of confusion on my face because she said, “oh no – not the front yard – come with me, let me show you the back yard.” We walked to the backyard and I think I spent the next two hours straight just oooohing and aaaahing over the garden. He has grown the most beautiful garden – – when I walked into their backyard, I swore I had just walked into the Botanical Gardens.

Each plant was marked with a little lable that gave the plants name and the year he planted it – – which, gave me a peek into his personality… perhaps a little OCD? Maybe not. Very very cool, though. I told him that his garden gave me inspiration – to which Chris audibly groaned out loud because he knows that means more trips to the garden center. He’s really great about going with me and feigning interest.

Saturday night, Chris and I went out for dinner and movie. We saw “XMen: The Last Stand”. I don’t want to write a spoiler review for those who haven’t seen it – – but it was really good and didn’t dissapoint at all (for any of you XMen fans out there)! After the movie was over and we were walking out of the theater – a guy ahead of us commented to his wife, “You know – that was great, but I really, really think they should have displayed a large and very visible notice that this movie is a work of pure fiction and there is really no such thing as mutant people who can walk through walls, shoot fireballs from their fingertips and control the weather.


Today has been uber relaxing – with the help of my friend, Leanne, who gave me the recipe for a Purple Pig which is a combination of a few different fruity schapps and white soda over ice. Thanks for sharing, Leanne – I had one and it was delish and added to my wonderfully relaxing afternoon.

Tonight, we’re grilling hamburgers and eating outside on the patio. Maybe my new hummingbird friend will visit me again?

Oh, and 27 more days until I’m a married woman. You didn’t think I forgot, did ya? 🙂

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  1. Hello. I am a Japanese 30’s woman. I found your blog just searching any personal blog written in English. This is very helpful for my English study, thanks,thanks! Congratulation for your engagement. Looking forward to reading your wedding report.

  2. The only thing better than a Purple Pig is a Purple Pig shared with friends, I say. There will be oinking going on in NY. hehe!


    I’m glad you’re finally having some relaxing times, you’re long overdue!

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