Wow – this is a lot of color for me, hey?

(note: Astro – you should like the bikini… even if it’s only an illustration!)

My usual templates on this site are pretty minimalistic. Shades of muted blues, greys, whites. BUT! I needed some cheery, colorful motivation for the upcoming cruise. (OH! If you don’t see the new theme – use the drop down menu in the sidebar where it says “Skin This Site” – and browse to the “Crusin’ Theme!) We leave on Sept. 1, 2005 – – flying first to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Then board the ship and head for St. Thomas, St. Maartens and the Princess Cays Island!

This here cheery, colorful, upbeat template is part of my mission to motivate myself to prepare for this thing, both personally.. and professionally. All of the sudden, September 1st doesn’t seem all that far away!!

Mai Tai I’m excited about it because this will be the first REAL vacation I’ve taken in quite some time. And by REAL – what do I mean? Basically, what that means for me is no computer. No work. That alone is enough to make me nervous. I’m going to enjoy myself, dammit! I will not obsess about work or anything web-related.

The world will be here when I get back home. And just in case it isn’t – – I’ll be sure to tip a few extra Mai Tai’s just for good measure!

13 thoughts on “Cruisin'”

  1. Very fun skin (and nicely done as always)! I’m confused by the pink bikini… It looks more like a Reilly bikini than black and sparkly one… :mrgreen:

  2. Well, I colored it pink to match the rest of the site theme… and the black looked funny when I tried to do it. The top looked ok – – but when I colored her bikini bottoms black… let’s just say it looked like she had an out of control bush problem going on :p

  3. You? You’re taking a vacation? I thought you were coming to California at some point, too?

    And Asstroknight visits you? *harumph* He doesn’t love ME anymore. 😛

  4. Last time I was out in Cali was… hmm… June 2004 for Chris’s business partner’s daughter’s high school graduation. Every once in awhile I make it out to San Diego or LA for business with a client who has me on an ongoing retainer (a.k.a. when they say JUMP I say HOW HIGH?). I had a trip out there planned in June, but that fell through when they had other, unexpected deadlines. I actually may be going to San Diego in a week, or two.. but as always, it’s up in the air 🙂 I’ll be sure to let ya know, J.!

    And as for Astro?? I adopted him sometime back in 2002…or did he adopt me? Unsure on that one 🙂

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