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When I submitted the final, final edits for the second edition of WordPress For Dummies today – I breathed a tremendously huge sigh of relief. There is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment to carry you through to the next day. This was a big project – – just as it was the first time around, and having it finished, finally not only lifts a great big weight off the ol’ shoulders…but it made me reflect a bit. As I’m uploading the last and final files..I could feel myself physically relax. I sat back and thought – – I really […]


I am on Day 5 of my the Body-for-LIFE Challenge and I have to say, I haven’t felt THIS good, physically, in a long, long time. It’s a noticeable difference in my mood, energy level and overall outlook. Amazing how much those holiday rum balls can drag a person into a fullout sugar haze. I think the exercise combined with the good eats and daily supplements are better than a good sugar high any day. Yep, you heard me say it. I feel abfab! I woke up this morning feeling like a million! I had my breakfast then hopped on […]

Pre-New Year Thursday 13

This weeks Thursday 13 is all about resolutions for the New Year. It’s good to have goals, isn’t it? Some are easier than others – – some I may not reach at all – – I’ll just make ’em do-vers for next year. : Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Post them on your blog and enter the free blog design giveaway we’re running now through midnight 12/31/05! My biggest resolution for the New Year is of, of course, to become Mrs. to the gorgeous hunk-o-man I currently share my home with. That is the biggest, brightest and greatest […]

Post Holiday Blues

Christmas is all done. Exit the presents, the tree, the goodies and treats – – enter the next 6 months worth of dieting in preparation for the wedding – and the subsequent South American beach/scuba/snorkeling honeymoon that shall follow. I’m up for it, though! I have my schedule. I have my menu. I have my willpower and determination. Who cares if I ate Santa’s entire plate of gingerbread cookies — and THEN SOME? I started yesterday and I’ll give you all an update in 6 months! Sorta related – – I’ve spent my entire day working on this pretty complex […]


Wow – this is a lot of color for me, hey? (note: Astro – you should like the bikini… even if it’s only an illustration!) My usual templates on this site are pretty minimalistic. Shades of muted blues, greys, whites. BUT! I needed some cheery, colorful motivation for the upcoming cruise. (OH! If you don’t see the new theme – use the drop down menu in the sidebar where it says “Skin This Site” – and browse to the “Crusin’ Theme!) We leave on Sept. 1, 2005 – – flying first to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Then board the ship and […]

No Pain – No Gain?

I’ve always understood the relationship between pleasure and pain. Hell, I……(mumble, mumble)… Anyways – 2 months ago – we purchased this. I started using it two days ago. Why so long, you say? Well – it takes 8-10 weeks for delivery. It was delivered in 15 different flat pack boxes on the day before we left for vacation to Alabama. Three days ago, Chris and Ben spent an entire day … about 8 hours… assembling the thing. Now I finally get to torture myself with it! Yay for me! We purchased the Ab Cruncher attachement for it, as well. I’ve […]

ONE Blog

Blog ONE joins the blogosphere -… from the ONE blog: together, as ONE, we can discuss ways to end AIDS and extreme poverty in our lifetime! No matter who you vote for, whether you go to a church or mosque, or if you live in Hollywood or the Heartland, millions of us agree that as ONE we can reach across divides of politics, religion and music and do something extraordinary together. Have you signed the letter to President Bush yet asking for his support at the upcoming G8 summit? Over a quarter-million Americans have signed the letter so far and […]

As if I'm not busy enough?

I’m off on yet another business venture. This one pretty much manages itself, though – the time it takes to process customer orders happens pretty quickly now that I have it all set up and ready to go. So far, I have 5 customers – all of whom are friends and family in my life who have noticed a big difference in me over the past few months. End of February/March of this year – I decided to focus on losing a bit of weight. Over the years, I’ve tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Atkins. None of which worked […]


You say God give me a choice… You say Lord I say Christ… I don’t believe in Peter Pan… Frankenstein or Superman… All I wanna do is…. Bicycle! Whew! I did at LEAST 5 miles on that bike of mine today! I don’t know about anyone else – – but am I the only one who suffers a really really sore ass after a long bike ride??

Keeping Pace

Time to hop on the ol’ treadmill – – any bets on time? Distance? I’m feeling extraordinarily lazy tonight – – my goal is 30 minutes or 2 miles, whichever comes first!

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