No Pain – No Gain?


I’ve always understood the relationship between pleasure and pain. Hell, I……(mumble, mumble)…

BowFlex Anyways – 2 months ago – we purchased this. I started using it two days ago. Why so long, you say? Well – it takes 8-10 weeks for delivery. It was delivered in 15 different flat pack boxes on the day before we left for vacation to Alabama. Three days ago, Chris and Ben spent an entire day … about 8 hours… assembling the thing. Now I finally get to torture myself with it!

Yay for me!

We purchased the Ab Cruncher attachement for it, as well. I’ve officially renamed this thing my own personal training torture machine! I hurt, man!

But this is good, right? One of those times in life where pain is a GOOD thing, yes?

Tell that to my arms, my thighs, my shoulders and most importantly – convice my ABS of that little fact, please?

You see, I have this cruise thing coming up in September and I bought this new swim suit for the cruise.. and – – well, I don’t want the natives to laugh at me! Or cry…

Since I lost the initial 10lbs in Alabama where there is no fast food or convienence food anywhere to be found . . I figured i was on a roll, right? I’m doing the treadmill thing – and am on a program where I work different sets of muscle groups every day. High protein, low fat diet and all that jazz.

Someone get me a donut!

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10 thoughts on “No Pain – No Gain?”

  1. Hey Sista! Boot Camp, hey? Does that actually work without a drill seargant right in front of you?

    ….what I wouldn’t give for my own personal drill seargant….. /dream

    😉 Good luck with the boot camp – let me know how it goes for ya!

  2. My hat is off to you. I never had the patiences or discipline to even bother with one of those devices.

    2 years ago my then 7 year old son wanted to try Tae Kwon Do. No idea where he got the idea from. So, never assuming he’d pursue it for very long, and wanting to hedge my bet in case he did, I decided to join with him (the hedging comes from never letting him learn a move I cannot counter).

    Well, the progress has been a bit slow at times, but 2 years later we’re still at it, and he loves it, but it has been a never ending pain fest for me.

    Everyone says ‘you’ll feel better if you exercise.’ Nonsense. I ache all the time, especially the morning after. Sure, I dropped some pounds, so that’s not a bad thing. But I’ve yet to experience any ‘joy’ from it. 2-3 nights per week, an hour a night, you’d think something pleasurable would come from it.

    I wish you better luck!

  3. Charlie – I will let you know just as soon as I start to ‘feel better’


    Good for you on the Tae Kwon Do bit, though. My son took that for a few years, until he lost interest in it, in exchange for girls. Ya know… 😉

  4. Took Tae Kwon Do for many years back around Jr. High School. I was one step away from my provisional black belt even. It was fantastic exercise! I’ve looked at those machines too, but with how little we’ve used the exercise bike in the house I can’t justify it, even when people are all but giving them away in the paper.

    As for the bikini, very nice choice!

  5. I think I’ll develop the Donut Diet, Pam. Sounds like a plan to me! 🙂

    I was scared looking at that machine too – once they got it all set up. Speaking of which, I have an appointment with it right now.. I swear it hates me lol

  6. Did “Basic Training” bootcamp last night, Lisa. I’ve got muscles hurting this morning that I didn’t know I had 😉

    And hey, I like the sound of the Diet Donut plan!

    BTW, new skin here looks GREAT! Very appropos for summer.

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