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Conversation in my house this morning:

Me (to Chris): You are not allowed to be in charge of the purchase of toilet paper anymore!

Chris: I just grabbed a pack that was on the shelf, what??

My daughter: Why? What did he grab??

Me: Sandpaper.

On another note — If I had a genie in a bottle I would wish for ONE universal browser with ONE set of standards. Is that such a flippin’ ridiculous request? Either that – – (breaking out into song) – – I’d like to teach the world to surf. . . with the perfect Fire Fox.


The workout program is going well. Chris and I are doing this thing together and we took ‘before’ pictures. When we feel we’ve made enough progress, we’re going to take ‘after’ pictures. Post them here? Oh hell no. Well… maybe the after pictures. So far, my body hates me.


Purchased our season ski lift tickets for our local skiing hot spot. It’s only July you say? Early bird specials ROCK! And now I have the itch to hit the slopes on brand new powder.. and it’s only July. So begins my annual Whine-For-Snow.


My poor Bubba. Just when we got him home… got him all comfortable being here. He’s getting along nicely with the other three cats. He thinks life as an adopted stray is pretty cool….. then BAM! Off to the vet he goes to get his nuts chopped off. Poor kitty. I think Chris sympathizes more than I do . . . but I still feel bad for the little guy. But it had to be done. I suppose some PETA freak will come around here and tell me how awful I am – like they did on the post where I talked about putting out mouse traps for the mice that inhabit our garage. Strange people those PETA folks are.

Aside from work, work and more work – – this has been my so-called life on a Tuesday.

…. it IS Tuesday, isn’t it?

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  1. I say Bubba’s lucky. One of my former cats had his nuts removed by my Grandpa with no numbing. “Because that’s how we did it on the farm …”

  2. I didn’t think you needed a fancy schmanzy machine like that to get a good workout with somebody else… 😈

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