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Wanted to pay some appreciation to some way cool blog people – – I don’t know these people beyond the blog, but I appreciate their presence around here! :

I enjoy Sean’s frequent postings of Kerry’s House of Ketchup — he keeps me entertained, keeps me smiling and keeps me informed with these postings. I find the timing of his posts to be highly suspicious! 😉 I need to make a point of stopping down at Mayfair’s Barnes and Nobles one of these days soon!

Mogs posts are always enjoyable from politics to cats – – a fellow masochist in the nursing field, I can relate to her in ways only us healthcare masochists can. Give her posts a read, or two or three. My favorites are here, here, here and here.

Lachlan is a Seattle girl I met when her and I were both guest blogging over at Dean’s World. She’s a sweetheart – – I pop over by her to check and see how life is treating her. She is shareing life lessons over there this week. Meow! 🙂

Vinny, Chelle (who is getting married this weekend, btw!!), Mick, Slobokan and Stageleft are going to play a BIG part in keeping me sane during the next 3 1/2 months until the elections. Stageleft, too??? Hmm…yea, probably.

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  1. Gee, I try so hard to forget about that, never mention the N word on my blog.:evil:

    Glad I can at least bring some enjoyment in at least one field of endeavor – blogging.

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