Attending a Wedding


Chris and I are having a really, really lazy day. We’ve pretty much stayed curled up in bed all day today with our coffee, munchies, movies and occassional blogging from our respective laptops.

At the moment, we’re attending a wedding as we laze around. My friend, Chelle is getting married in Georgia this evening! A bunch of us had chipped in to buy her and Joe a top of the line video web cam so that she could simulcast it across the net for those of us who couldn’t travel down there to attend!

It starts in 5 minutes! I’m so excited 🙂


I’m taking pictures at the wedding from the comfort of my own bed! Ok, ok – it’s a screen shot of the vid – not the greatest quality – – but here’s the happy couple in the ceremony in the park:

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  1. Really that seems like great idea, so everyone can be there even if the could be there physically. One question, how did it all turn out? I might want to implement this with my wedding, I have so much family that it will be hard to make arrangements for every one.

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