I made an offer for the Hook-A-Thon, which is sponsored at www.hook-a-thon.com.

It’s a good thing. I emailed my offer over to Dana at the Hook-A-Thon website and I’m waiting to see if she accepts it. Here’s the offer:

Heya Dana!

Not sure if you’re accepting donations of intangible goods, or not. However, I want to donate a blogging account. I run a blog and web site hosting service located at www.blogs-about.com and would like to donate the following to the Hook-A-Thon:

6 month blog hosting account.
Free Installation and complete set up of WordPress – including a blog template with an American Pride theme.

Stats of the account:

170MB storage space
3 GB bandwidth
5 POP Email Accounts
4 Subdomains
CPanel access

The blogger can either host their own domain – – or host it on one of our subdomains:


(EXAMPLE: if your username is “John” – and you chose to use our blogs-about.com domain, then your URL would be john.blogs-about.com)

After the six month hosting is completed, the blogger has the option of purchasing hosting services by starting the monthly payments according to their plan – or they can transfer their domain.

The WordPress installation and blog hosting account provided by: Blogs About Hosting

American Pride WordPress blog template provided by: E.Webscapes

Keep an eye out for it if you’re interested! In the meantime, think of what you can donate to the Hook-A-Thon! Party on, Hook!

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