The Anti-NoCarb Carb fest


Baublican shared this one with me earlier today. Against the no carb craze? Are you craving carbs right now? How about a nice plate of Poutine?

Oy. Nasty. Although, it might be kinda good — but it would ruin my diet! lol

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5 thoughts on “The Anti-NoCarb Carb fest”

  1. I don’t know what poutine is… I stumbled here by accident, and believe me, you don’t

    wanna know what I was really looking for. The only comment I have is that this Adkins

    thing is getting ridiculous. I live in Texas and my parents were in town (from one of

    those godforsaken Midwestern states) and we were having a barbeque, so naturally my

    husband felt the need to cook pounds upon pounds of meat in order to impress upon them the

    love of meat that is an integral part of this state’s culture. My best friend (also from

    way the hell up north) is one of those vegetarians that eats fish, I forget the term for

    that, so anyhoo, there was about a pound of shrimp prepared for her benefit and corn chips

    were the only carb there. I told her my colon was going to get clogged with meat and she

    said we ought to just write that day off as an Adkins day. I have celiac disease, that

    is, the inability to digest wheat. It pisses me off that people assume I won’t eat bread

    due to Adkins. I love bread! I’d eat nothing but bread except for the fact that it

    physically destroys my intestines. You carb eaters give thanx and indulge yourselves, the

    more the better! Consider me there in spirit amongst you, gorging in all the most sinful

    pastry- and noodle-oriented entrees that send lo-carb dieters scrambling in fear of the

    infernal flab.

  2. Excellent point, Millee! 🙂

    I’ll definately keep you in mind when I eat my very next bagel!

    But I still want to know what you were really searching for….if not poutine? 😉

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