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Why am I happy with WordPress?

Because the upgrade that I had been looking forward to as an MT user carries a personal license fee of $69.95. They do have a free version – – but it’s limited. One thing is, you can only have ONE author on the free version of MT. So – no more guest posting. No more group blogging – – not unless you’re willing to pay almost 70 bucks for it. That’s the introductory price – – the regular price will be $99.95. For personal use.

I’m happy with WordPress for a gazillion other reasons…mostly it’s that it’s a smoother, easier, faster experience than what I had with MT. Least of which…it doesn’t cost me. Not that I’m not willing to pay for a really good piece of software, because I am. MT wasn’t. I’m glad I switched.

By the way, I have the MT 2.661 full library tar.gz file – in case anyone is interested. 😀

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  2. crap… I just checked out the MT website. This is so unfair! They don’t think about ppl like me, students, who can’t blow $60 (or hardy har har $100) on stupid MT. can ya mail me the 2.661? At least maybe I can upgrade my 2.64.

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