Lisa Sabin-Wilson Brain Dumping

When I Get Overwhelmed, I Take a Dump. A Brain Dump.

Begin at the beginning…. solve those first big steps and a plan begins to take place, things begin to take shape and pretty soon, relief. Here are some methods that I find most effective when faced with some insurmountable task that contains a million different pieces, and I would love if you would share yours. My mind is always open to different ways of getting from the beginning to the end.

I am a failure at meditation – or so I thought.

Staying focused and resilient is hard – especially for business owners and people who live stress-filled lives. A trained and disciplined mind allows me to be methodical and clear in my business practice, and present and thoughtful in my personal life. I just don’t meditate the way all the experts say I should. I have my own methods and my own way that works for me.

20 books in 2020

Bookworm. 20 in 20

I don’t often make a lot of new year resolutions – but I have made one for 2020 and it’s a personal one of reading 20 books. That goal is not a stretch for me, but I want to be realistic. Life sometimes gets in the way of being able to sit in a comfy chair and get lost in a good book.

Blog, Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Five Years Ago

Half a decade ago, I took this website down with the intention to cull some of the archives – – keep items I thought were important to me and lose the rest, and then redesign it and relaunch it. I never got back around to it. I mean, I tried a few times. I pulled a backup and transferred it to my new hosting account and started weeding out the crap that I wrote on my blog since 2001. I always got stalled and distracted by other things.

Speaking at Think Tank Live! in Milwaukee

I am happy to announce that I am speaking at the Think Tank Live Search Marketing and Social Media Summit scheduled for February 23, 2010 in Milwaukee, WI. I will be presenting on the topic of building a niche community web site utilizing the free and dynamic software combination of WordPress and BuddyPress and how business, and individuals, can leverage the features and components to build a fully functional social community on your own web site. Exciting stuff!

Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

My name is Lisa and I love Brett Favre. There. I said it.

Like most Packer fans, the pending retirement of our beloved number 4 was something we’d rather not talk about, at the time. We knew it was coming – but it was the 500 lb gorilla in the room that everyone was ignoring. That is, until 2008 when the Packers web site announced Brett Favre’s retirement from football.

Caught: Speaking @ Web414

IMG_2480 Originally uploaded by graves.ryan. Ryan caught this photo of me speaking in Milwaukee at MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) on WordPress Theme Design for the Web414 June Meet Up.

Take the time

Got someone in your life you love? A friend. A parent. A child. A lover… take a moment and let them know….just ’cause. Do them… and yourself.. the favor of taking the time to say it out loud. Hope you all have a good weekend – – as for me? I need a sanity break. 🙂

WordPress and Java

WordPress Mug Originally uploaded by LisaSabin-Wilson. Really, how could I not buy one? or two…or three? You can nab your own WordPress mug (or other WP merch.) on the official WordPress website at: I got mine delivered yesterday. My coffee is tasting a bit more dynamic this morning. Heh.

All My Exes Live in… Google?

It feels a bit strange… when one of your ex-boyfriends finds you on the ‘net by doing a Google (or in this case, Yahoo) search – isn’t it? Ever had that happen to you? I just did today… and it’s… weird. Chris contacted me via email today. The Chris I’m referring to is not my husband, who is Chris also.. but this particular Chris is a guy I dated for 3 years, quite some time ago. A lifetime ago, actually. He’s a great guy with a beautiful wife and a whole boatload of beautiful children. He searched for my name […]

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