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It’s not often that I’m home alone. Chris is gone. The kids are gone. It’s just me and the two cats inhabiting the household. It amazes me how very quiet this house can be! During the day – I loved it. At night, it’s beginning to feel rather lonesome. I was up early today and mowed the lawn – then got the stupid idea in my head to hand rake it. Doesn’t sound so bad, you say? You try hand raking 2 acres of lawn, then we’ll talk. Worked a little bit on some web work and web hosting details. Made a trip to the grocery and bought the fixings for a nice Salmon dinner for one. Came home..made dinner…ate. Absorbed the silence.

Ok. I’m ready for everyone to come home now!

At the moment, I’m on the couch with my laptop – trying to find something decent to watch on the tube and will probably settle for FoxNews if I don’t find anything good on HBO, Discovery or the Biography channels. In the meantime- I haven’t blurfed in awhile….so, I shall commence blurfing:

I met a few new people this week – courtesy of Vinny. This whole FOV (Friend of Vinny) thing is getting rather outrageous – – pretty soon, we’ll be able to play ‘6 degrees of Vincent Ferrari ‘- instead of Kevin Bacon! I digress — these new folks include:

usrbingeek – who makes no question about his support for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I’ve read Balbulican’s comments via Vinny’s site – – I think he’s a riot in the comments – – he’s pretty funny in chat, too. I don’t think Balbulican has a website. Though, I think he should — he’d be good at it. Hey, Balb? Give Blogs About a visit, would ya?

Stageleft is a liberal. Forgive him. He’s also Canadian. Despite all of that – he’s a good guy. That – and he’s going to be the next newest addition to the Blogs About Hosting community. He provides some good balance to the group.

I met Green Baron, too. It’s all part of the FOV conspiracy. He’s a nice guy – – and hey, he linked me in his latest post – which makes him uber cool.

Slobokan has a Site of Schtuff. Most of it is politicial schtuff – which is all good. But he does have other schtuff – – like his knowlege of death by anti-freeze poisoning is a little uncomfy. 😉

Those are my FOV blurfings. Now onto regular, sane and usual blurfings:

Is Linda psycho? Go find out.

Rachel is opinionated, not bitter. Rant on, girl!

Lori celebrates Armed Forces Day. Good reminder, Lori – thanks!

To go along with my recent Michael Moore rants – Gordon makes a useful idiots post that relates. LOVE the graphic!

Mog is having trackback issues with her WordPress. When I first converted to WP – I had trackback issues, too. I could send, but could not receive. I don’t know what her particular problem is – – but I fixed mine by adding the following line to my mod_rewrite rules in .htaccess: RewriteRule ^wp-trackback.php/(.*) /wp-trackback.php?p=$1 [QSA]Maybe that will help?

Found this blog via Sean’s blog. The linked post brought me near tears – emotion in writing like this gets me every time.

Gotta try myself one of these

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14 thoughts on “Home Alone Blurfings”

  1. Lisa, it was fun meeting you too, and thanks for the kind observations. Stageleft has been after me to get a blog up. But I know myself too well…an addictive personality and a compulsive commentator…I’m afraid if I started blogging the world would see me no more!

  2. That drink sounds Amazing! I’d have to pull out the martini glasses and everything. Unfortunately, I’d have to go buy more Cointreau, since I used the last of my stock here for this great sweet potato casserole recipe I have for Thanksgiving. More on that later in the year…

    Is Linda psycho?

    If you only knew!

  3. I think that Mog has upgraded to the new WordPess beta. If that’s the case, then she has the same problem I’ve got. There seems to be a problem with the coding for both pingbacks and trackbacks. The trackback problem is said to be fixed in the new Release Candidate. Now to track down (not back) the problem with pingbacks!

    And I have to say that the new plugin scheme is wunnerful!

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