Oh Ye lovers of movie downloads – particularly BitTorrent and eDonkey users :
here is a tid-bit-o-useful information to tuck away in your brain for reference. You probably want to watch the Supreme Court rulings on this one.

A note to Lori, who is humping for Xmas Cards – not that I got an Xmas card from you, but just to say that I’m a terrible Xmas Card sender. Rather, I call the people who are close to me with some holiday wishes. I haven’t sent out Xmas cards in well over a decade. I just don’t do it. I don’t send Birthday cards, either, for that matter. Again, I opt for a phone call with Birthday wishes…and a present, or something special for people very close to me. But if people send me a card, I don’t send one in return . . . however, I generally will call them and thank them – then wish them happy holidays. I don’t feel obligated to share in their card sending tradition. However, I hope you get more cards, Lori!

Wizbang’s Weblog Awards for 2004 are over – I came in a not-so-close second to Cold Fury. Waahoo, yay me.

Jeanette has just made my insomnia worse with her picture of an angry Santa. But! There is a cutie picture of her with Santa – which is a must-see!

I’m not the only sap in the blogosphere. Margi weeps when she reads stuff, too. Though, I didn’t weep – but I did get choked up.

Lastly, and of course not surprising . . is some of the work I’ve accomplished today . . again:

MDVOutlookMike is also a new addition to our Blogs About community. He first started out with the WordPress default white/green template – but quickly decided that he wanted something to give his site some individuality. We decorated him up with the grey, black, white and red colors that he requested and he’s up and running with an “Intersection of politics, culture and faith.” Go visit. Say hi.

Six Meat Buffet My buddy, Preston, got a complete overhaul, too. Not only a new design – but we got him off Blogger and imported all of his Blogger posts into his new WordPress set up. I’ve put the original screen shot here – – but it’s worth mentioning that Preston re-did his header image to suit his own bizzare tastes (he calles it “bloody”). He did a nice job with the header, too. He emailed and said “I hope you don’t hate it” – to which I reminded him that it’s not about what I like, it’s about what he likes. Great job, Preston – – and enjoy WordPress and your new digs!

That was lesson #1 I had to learn waaaaay back about designing for clients – – I always need to check my likes and dislikes at the door… which is easier said than done.

Now… back to that Appletini that’s patiently waiting for me on my nightstand! Nite nite!

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  2. Yippee you, indeedy!

    The other woman … heh heh … that was funny. Umm, I mean, sappy (sorry, when I have kids I’ll re-read it).

    I think this year is just a bad year for Christmas cards for some reason. I sent out too many to count (fifty??) and have received maybe 10 in response … one from Marlboro, no less, and I don’t even smoke! I think all of us Christmas card humpers should just get together and make a club … now we just need a name.

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