One of my favorites


One of my absolute favorite things about the Christmas season?

The Christmas Story

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11 thoughts on “One of my favorites”

  1. I haven’t seen that movie (writing it on my “must see” Christmas movie list). Yeah, love the new spell checker thingy …

    One of MY most favorite things about Christmas, well, you must go visit my blog today. Has to do with company Christmas parties.

  2. Like all great divides (Vi or Emacs?/BSD or Linux?) there is a Christmas movie divide.

    There are those of us who like It’s a Wonderful Life, and then there are those of us who just can’t live without A Christmas Story.

    I am one who leans towards IAWL. A story with a bunny suit and a leg lamp…vs…a man who drinks way too much, is physically abused by an old man early on, practically shakes his future wife into submission in her mother’s foyer, flips out, screams at his children, and then contemplates suicide before revealing the Christmas message towards the end.

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