Chris: “If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?”

Me: “Yes, darling”

Here’s more work I got doen this week, so far — because I know you all love to see it. Personally, I just like it indexed on my blog because looking at it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished stuff. Even though, sometimes, I feel like for every step forward – – I take two backwards! I keep crossing things of my list of things to get done – – but it seems like that list just keeps getting bigger, rather than smaller.

That being said . .

Damascus Road Guy is one of our newly hosted bloggers at Blogs About. He wanted a blog that reflects his christian beliefs. With an image from my personal Digital Vision library – we got him set up with a blog design that he is very happy with. He’s an import from Blogger – – and did our Out Damn Spot package to get all of his archives over. Go visit. Say hi.

Commonwealth Conservative JB is the internet’s first elected blogger. An elected prosecutor in the state of Virginia – he wanted a blog to reflect his work and outlook. With a photograph he snapped himself, we were able to accomplish this. He is also anew member of the Blogs About community – and an import from Blogger, as he also took advantage of the Out Damn Spot package. Go visit. Say hi.

More later!

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