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I found a little monster in my email box today. He’s spamming my blog.

Apparently these guys have gotten wise to the WordPress way of comment spam control and know that the default number of URLs allowed before it’s moderated for spam purposes is 5. You can set it lower in Options/Discussion and scrolling to the bottom.

Another thing you can do is cut and paste this list into your spam moderation box (beneath the area where you configure the # of URLs) and it will moderate out the addressed spammers. I’ve put it together for you to download here (with a little added input from the WP developers).

I’ve added todays little spam monster to the list – – the little shit from alloha dot info. Have fun, kid – – because your efforts are being discarded as we speak (yea – he’s still trying). Pfft.

15 thoughts on “Spam Monster”

  1. Hey Lisa, I emailed you back – not sure if you got it. How many tickets would you want to one of those games in Dec? 2 would be easiest, but I can try for 4. Again, don’t get your hopes up too high… 🙂 My sister is getting the Dallas tickets for us from her bankers, it would be fun to meet ya at a tailgate 🙂 Do you actually live in GB?

  2. K – if you tried to email me back at my email addy – it probably got lost among the masses lol

    2 tix I could live with – – 4 would be totally awesome! Like I said – I’m willing to pay – – depending on the price lol

    I don’t live right in GB, I live about 2 hours south of Green Bay. 🙂

  3. And yeah, I don’t think I could ever get you FREE tickets – but these should be better than the $400 ones they sell on some sites! They run around $65, if I remember correctly. But it’s oh so worth it. Esp after they re-did the field.

  4. Heh, I wouldn’t do that to a fellow Pack fan 🙂
    I just looked in my wallet (I keep all of my ticket stubs, of course) and each one over the past 3 yrs was $51 for decent seats (I think we were on the 30 or 40, but I had a few bloody marys in me).
    The Bears still suck…

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