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Builder Bootcamp, PluginBuddy and my iThemes experience

I had a really great time at iThemes Builder Bootcamp weekend in Oklahoma and want to send out a big thanks to Cory Miller, Jen Miller and the rest of the iThemes team for inviting me down to their event. There were roughly 70-75 people in attendence, all of them passionate WordPress users, and all of them part of the iThemes community. Many were from the Oklahoma City general area – but there were a handful that flew in hundreds of miles away to spend the weekend with the iThemes crew to learn more about WordPress and how they can use the iThemes offerings to build their web sites with WordPress. Great stuff!

F5 Expo Vancouver

WordPress, BuddyPress and Social Media at F5Expo

I am speaking at F5 Expo on a panel called “the Metrics of Social Media” with Alfredo Tan, Sr. Director of Sales at Facebook and Kris Krug, President at Bryght. I am also running two workshops on WordPress and BuddyPress.

TypePad For Dummies, I'm doing it.

I couldn’t believe it when I stopped and paid notice to the fact that I have not updated my blog here since my return from SXSW. What a sorry, sorry blogger I am! Short story, I’ve been ultimately too chaotically busy with design projects, organizing WordCamp Chicago and some family matters that shall remain unmentioned – let’s just say … kids – I liked them better when they were cute and cuddly and weren’t old enough to drive a car! ‘Nuff said? I think so…

SXSW Craziness!

I’ve been spending the past 2 weeks preparing for my trip to the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. This will be my third trip down to Austin for SXSW and I’m really looking forward to attending this year. Normally, there’s always a great deal to do before I take off for 5 days to attend the biggest geek gathering ever! I normally work long hours to make sure that all my client projects are either done, or well on their way to done and make sure everything I need on my home PC is set up for remote access, etc, etc. THIS year, however – it’s been a bit more crazy than usual because I’ve been working on developing five (5) premium WordPress themes that will be released at SXSW at the ServerBeach exhibit booth..

Meanwhile…back at the ranch…(long-ish)

I have been ever so slightly *MIA* here, I realize. This is due to several reasons – – some personal – – others just involve lots of work and lots of catching up on work! I do have lots going on, though – so let me get right to it with information about a recent interview, my appearance at the SXSW Interactive Festival, some WordCamp Chicago updates, and some great tid bits about WordPress for Dummies, 2nd Edition – – including the winners of my previously mentioned autographed book giveaway. . .

Vegas, Baby! Blog World Expo '09

Chris and I will be attending the Blog World and New Media Expo being held in Vegas, September 19-21st. We’re excited to be going to Vegas and attending this conference. Are you planning on going? It’s just a little over a month away! If you ARE wanting to go, but haven’t registered yet – at the end of this post I have a happy little discount for registration for the conference, just as a thanks for dropping by my site and taking the time to read 🙂 The conference is geared towards people who publish their own media – whether […]

SmartLife – Decision Making Process on Outsourcing Design

One of our recent clients at E.Webscapes, Chris Cairns from SmartLife, recently wrote about his experience with outsourcing and documented his decision making process regarding who to outsource with. In his post, Automatically Make Money Online Through Monetized Blogging: A Guide To Outsourcing Your Professional Blog’s Design (Plus: Actual Statement Of Work For Your Reuse), Chris takes you through his entire SOW (Statement of Work) and the ratings system he used to narrow down which design company he ended up using for his WordPress design and development project. Obviously, I stated that he is a client of ours – that […]

Goodies, Snacks and Baskets

I’m a bit spoiled. This past week, I received two deliveries to my door. Both of them addressed to me and each of them containing a few of my favorite things. The first was from Amy @ Earnest Parenting. This was SO sweet! You may, or may not, remember a post I did recently where I gave away my paid registration for the SOBCon ’08 Conference in Chicago. I wanted to go very much – but, unfortuantley, my own schedule and circumstances just weren’t going to allow it. If I had my druthers… I would have gone – – sadly, […]

Sending Amy to SOBCon '08!

SOBCon ’08 is looming large – if ONLY I could go! Time is my enemy, but I shall prevail! Over the past few months, I have been working towards a few changes in life to make room for.. well, everything! This meant giving up some vices, scaling back in a few areas and practicing the word ‘No’ a few more times than usual (sorry Michael, you were the first victim, please forgive 🙂 To that end, last week I did a post about my SOBCon ’08 registration. With everything I have on my plate at the moment, I don’t want […]

SOBCon '08 Registration Give-Away

I had hoped to be able to attend the SOBCon ’08 conference in Chicago this May. I had heard SO many great things about SOBCon ’07 that I really wanted to go this year. I purchased my registration back in March and planned my schedule so that I could attend. Then came the wrench (isn’t there always one??). Among several other professional and personal obligations that I have going on right now – I heard back from my editors at Wiley Publishing. A few weeks ago, I submitted my proposed revisions and Table of Contents for the Second Edition of […]

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