Sneaky Skinner


Well, she has no idea I did it . . and I have no idea if she’s even going to like it. lol I just kinda… well.. did it. Sneaky, aren’t I? She’s either going to be very surprised, or very irked — I mean, we talked about doing it – – she wanted to do it, but we didn’t really finalize the deal, if ya know what I mean?

Well, if she doesn’t like it – I can undo it and give the skin away to someone else! At least I didn’t sneak up on her and yank her pants down around her ankles – – now THAT woulda been mean!

She still has this:

And now she has this too:

Go on – go give her some hell

2 thoughts on “Sneaky Skinner”

  1. Very nice, I like the colors! I’m gonna have to get in on this skinning thing now. I just have to come up with another idea for a template (and reverse engineer how you’re doing the skinning!)

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