I decided to go for it, again, and skin my site – I had it skinned a while ago – but took them down when I decided I didn’t like any of the skins that I had done. See, I tend to not spend very much time on my own blog and save all my efforts for designing blogs and sites for my clients, so I finally decided to sit down and spend some time and give my blog the attention that it had been so lacking and put some effort into it this time. So, over on the left, in the much-coveted drop down box, you’ll find the skins for my blog. Right now, I only have two — will add more in the future as ideas strike my fancy.

I’ll be skinning Uptown Girl’s site in the very near future – – keep an eye out!

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5 thoughts on “Skin!”

  1. (F/K/A “Emma” of Miss Apropos)

    I absolutely ADORE the BlueGirl skin. Stunningly gawjuss, honey.

    I can’t wait to see what good stuff you cook up for UG.

  2. Love the blue silk shirt girl and you site looks amazing! But the next time you title a post “Skin!”, I best see some skin! It’s kinda like asking someone if they want to make smores and then telling you there’s no chocolate. You get all worked up for some chocolately-marshmallowey-graham crackery goodness and then… nothin! 😉
    But I do really do indeed like the new look.

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