I absolutely adore this store. My total favorite product is the body salt scrub in the warm vanilla sugar flavor (flavor?) – I adore the way it stinks and the way it makes my skin oh so soft.

Our city is getting it’s very own Home Depot, which is opening in about a month (another must have store!), they are going up right, directly across the street from Menards (for those of you who don’t have Menards in your local area, it’s basically the same store as Home Depot, except with much better customer service) – and surrounding it is a strip mall, of sorts – – and we have no idea what stores are going in.

I’m really, really hoping that one of those shops is reserver for either this store, or this one – – or maybe there’s a spot for both ??

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  1. Sean, I always keep meaning to drop in at Mayfair’s B&N to stalk you! If you start hearing rumors, let us know. B&N would be a vast improvement over the one, little bookstore we have now.

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