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I would class myself as an intermediate skier. I can do the blacks and double diamonds without falling – – but without total control, yet. I joke a lot about spending a fair amount of time on my arse when I’m skiing – but the truth be told, I do ok.

Couple that with being a Registered Nurse and my passion for helping people (passion or burden, sometimes it’s both 😉 ) – I inquired about becoming part of the National Ski Patrol. Chris and I talked with one of the Senior Patrol members this evening, after we spent about 5 hours on the slopes, and found out a whole bunch more about being a Ski Patrol that what we thought it was.

Being an RN suits the position quite well, actually — because it’s more about the provision of outdoor emergency care than it is about skiing. It’s a National Certification that requires classes, testings (both written and physical) and yearly refresher certification. The initial cert. classes last about a year and require about a 130 hour commitment for classes, courses, testing and practical applications.

It’s volunteer status. I never knew that. I assumed that Ski Patrol – – anywhere, was a paid position where the Patrol was employed by the ski hill. That’s not so. Being a member of the National Ski Patrol is a volunteer service. I found that there are many EMT’s, Paramedics, Firemen and Nurses who become ski patrol because it’s a natural fit with their medical and emergency care experience combined with a sport they love to do.

Classes start in July of this year – – so I gave the guy my name and number and plan on starting the courses and testing in July. Chris wants to do it, too – – however, he’s not sure he can because of the travel requirements and commitments he has to his business. When the classes start – – they are every Monday night for one semester…you get the next semester off, then it’s every Monday night for another semester. He really wants to – – and would be a natural at it, however, he’s not sure he can commit to that.

Either way – I’m planning on doing it. A big bonus is that ski patrol gets a free season pass for the entire family. A downside to that is, because Chris and I aren’t married – – he wouldn’t be included in that free family pass and would have to pay for his own.

Don’t tell my mother that, though — cuz that’ll just give her more ammunition for pressure on the whole marriage issue!

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  1. That really sounds like fun. Your mom though… Oy! For me it’s Joe’s mom itching to make a damn dress. I simply told her that if she wants to make another dress so badly then she should advertise specifically to do seamstress work for wedding parties because when and if we get married I won’t be wearing some lacy white satin number. Can you say Delila or Medieval wench?

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