I ran into a unique situation that I’ve never run into before, in regards to my graphic design stuff.

This morning I received a payment from someone who wanted to use one of my templates. All of my templates are free for use, unless you want them specially coded for use with one of the blog programs out there — then I do charge a nominal fee for my coding time. The note she left with her PayPal payment said “I want to use the one with the Grey-green background’.

Now, that presents a problem. Some people enter into a golf game with an pre-determined handicap – – I enter into graphic design with a handicap, as well.

I’m color blind! “Grey-Green” to me is like saying “Orange-Red”…or “Blue-Green”, and so on and so forth. I don’t see those colors very well, if at all.

So, I call Chris in here and we’re going through my templates so that he can tell me what is “Grey-green” – – and really, he’s no help because I do have a couple of green-ish and Grey-ish templates.

So, I’ve written her an email and asked her to be more detailed in her description of the template. I do have them each named . . . so it should be easy enough for her to give me the name.

But man, do I feel stupid! The inevitable question I get asked is “How can you do graphic and site design and color blind at the same time?”

Matching colors and hues happens on a wing and a prayer. I’m only red/green color blind . . and only when it comes to darker shades of those colors. Like, I’m ok with bright red and bright green (like stop-n-go lights) . .. but when it comes to colors like “Maroon” or “Hunter Green” or dark purples…that’s where my color blindness comes into play. I see browns, tans and black in those cases.

I’m an odd girl, I know.

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  1. i’m doing a resech paper and i’m doing it on color blindness, i whant to ask, have people ever discriminated you for beeing color blind? or have they ever ignore you for beeing color bind? what do you think about color blind?

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