Sitting Duck Blurfings


Today – I’m on call. I hate being on call – but it’s one of those necessary evils of my job. I always feel like a sitting duck on the days I’m on call. My call lasts from 8:30 am today until 8:30 am tomorrow – – so I just sit around and wait for that pager to go off. Which means I can’t really do anything for that 24 hour period except anticipate the pager. Can’t start any projects, can’t really go shopping, can’t even take a nap…not really. Usually – it’s the minute that I start something that the pager sounds off . . . so on days like this – – my sitting duck days, I just do nothing but wait.

I do have a scheduled admission for a new hospice patient this afternoon at 2pm. I’m hoping that the pager stays quiet during that time because a new admission usually takes about 2 hours to complete – – so I hope those two hours are quiet. So far, this morning – I’ve only received two calls that I was able to handle by phone….it’s been pretty calm so far. *fingers crossed*

I figured I’d do some sitting duck blurfing this morning….finding some interesting things around the blogosphere is a nice way to pass the time, and if I get interrupted with the pager – – well, at least I can pick up where I left off when I’m done dealing with it.

Dean shows us that some people will do anything for attention.

Mog, who is another WordPress user btw, teaches us that an apple is more than just a computer (like Vinny – she’s one of those MacSnobs 😉 )

Give a visit to Kelly at Suburban Blight – she’s recently received some news that she considers both good and bad – she could use a few well wishes and bright greetings! She wants to use her MRI scans and incorporate them into her site design – very cool idea, I think!

Geoffrey was missed during his foray to Pittsburgh. He’s back and in rare form about the fucking dog and pony show (a.k.a. 9/11 Commission).

Jay makes OneFinePost about Errant vs Evil.

Todd, of the horrible white, male, tax paying oppressors gives an example of art imitating life. Dilbert is art – so don’t argue!

For Easter – Daniel gives us the egg tramp What a hussy!

Kate is joining the YAWPS (Yet Another Word Press Switch) revolution. Lookin’ good, Kate!

Grumpybunny is pillaging for the perfect pillow.

In the spirit of Easter – Kevin informs about The Passion of the Bunny.

Maybe more blurfings later, throughout the day – – but for now, this nurse has gotta go!

7 thoughts on “Sitting Duck Blurfings”

  1. Macs are cool. Sides, not being a snob any more than being a WordPress user is being a snob. More like spoiled by superior equipment.

  2. yes what is the wordpress allure? I am now very curious…!

    PS if you’re a sitting duck again, you can always drop a guest post over at DQ. Then you’ll be blogging from OZ!

    PPS lovin’ Angelina…. That is Angelina, right?!

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