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I’m beginning my transition at work. Today I spent 1/2 the day out seeing patients, and 1/2 the day in the office. I’m getting there – – I can’t wait until the transition is complete and I’m spending 100% of my time out in the field with patients. It’ll get there. Thank god it’s the weekend, though.

I inserted a coude catheter today. I’m blogging this one for the guys because I just love to make you guys cringe. What’s the difference between a coude and a regular catheter? Well, a coude is curved at the very tip (where a regular one is just straight) and it’s a specialized catheter that we use on guys who have an enlarged prostate gland. See, an enlarged prostate can constrict the urethra (the internal ‘tube’ that connects the bladder to the outside of the body) and sometimes blocks a regular catheter from entering the bladder during insertion.

Because this can be somewhat uncomfortable for the guy on the recieving end – we use Urogel. It’s a tube filled with topical lidocaine gel that is used to provide a topical anethesic to numb the area. This tube has a tip on it that allows us to insert into the mans urethra and squirt the gel up in there — then we can insert the coude without a whole lot of discomfort at all.

Do you have any idea how long it took me to talk this guy into letting me squit this gel – – much less insert the coude catheter with the curved tip on it. But! Because I am suave and cunning . . . I talked him into it after much coaxing.

Damn, I’m good πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “One for the guys”

  1. I am regularly visiting a medical mistress,
    since I love medical BDSM.
    I love and hate the feeling of a catheter
    inserted in my penis, the thrill, the sen-
    sation, but the pain…
    However, I always go back for another exami

  2. Hi! I’m a medical transcriptionist who stumbled on your site while looking up “coude catheter.” Love the explanation and experience. Your make-the-guys-cringe thing appealed to that sick side of me I guess. I do feel sorry for them though, especially during a prostate needle biopsy. Ouch.

  3. :-w

    Hi, I’m another medical transcriptionist who stumbled on your site while looking up β€œcoude catheter,” but I’m a male. This is the kind of thing that gives nurses a bad name. I really hope you didn’t enjoy this as much as you’re (rather sadistically) let on.

    Or maybe I simply can’t take a joke about something that’s supposedly a sacred calling. [-(

    1. Why so serious, PJ – a little sense of humor after a 20-hour work day in the front lines of health care is essential for sanity…and not something everyone can take. Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

  4. Lisa….this made me giggle a little! LoL I find it hilarious, and as a nuring student, can’t wait until I get to insert a catheter on a human, as we’ve only done the manequins! =))

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