I’m sure it’s not WordPress that is buggy – – it’s probably me. But here’s my issue – – when I do a pingback to blogs – my trackback shows up on their blog. However, when I recieve trackbacks from other blogs…it doesn’t show up.

Basically, I can give – but can’t recieve.

Now, I’m a woman who likes to give as good as she gets – – so, any ideas WordPress users? Simply put – HELP! I’ve been all over the support forums and can’t find what my issue is?


Of course, right as I post that buggy thing, Mog sends me one that works just perfectly. (thanks, M.) How odd is that? Oy, maybe it’s not MY issue at all – – I seem to also have issues with sending pings to blogs that are on the same server as I am. I’m currently working on solving that issue, as well.

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  1. Depends on which build you use, WP has been buggy with trackbacks but I seem to have a nightly (3/10) that works for that. Thou there are other bugs, sometimes my post doesn’t show up right away but the link to it does. Leading edge isn’t always the safest.

  2. Jesse – actually, I just switched from using MT for the past 2 years. 🙂 I love WordPress – but it’s not perfect, just like MT isn’t.

    I fixed the bug, actually – -and it wasn’t really a bug but rather, user error 😉

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