Shame on CBS


They’re calling it distressing and distasteful.

I call it downright shitty and shameful.

CBS owes the world and apology. But only after they’ve somehow, in some way, apologized and made it right with the two boys. But they can’t, at this point – – the damage has been done.


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9 thoughts on “Shame on CBS”

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  2. I didn’t watch. I really don’t care. But you know, the thought just occurred to me — William will someday be KING WILLIAM. Does CBS really wanna piss of the King?

    Just on Karmic Value alone, I’d say noooo wayyyy.


  3. I could not agree with you more! I just saw the promo for this and my jaw dropped to the floor. I could not believe they are going to show these pics and actually they were showing some in the promo. CBS just keeps on fucking up – all for ratings. Can you imagine her boys having to see those photos? Jeez.

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