…..Am I there?


Daniel is headed south of the border starting tomorrow.

We will miss him.
We will cry big, fat croccodile tears until the moment of his return.
We will have a party in his blog until he comes back.

Hopefully, by then – we’ll have the mess cleaned up!

Goldie is my partner (cracker) in crime this week as we guest blog over at ‘….Was I There?’ while Daniel is away, basking in the Mexican sun. Wish him well – he should be making some stops at his blog here and there..just don’t tell him what a mess we’re making!

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3 thoughts on “…..Am I there?”

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  3. WOW, awww that kitten is so cute. He reminds me of my own little kitten, and those big little ears; he’ll grow into them.
    I love that picture of him sneaking out from under the furniture.
    the little scaredy cat

    VERY nice pictures of your kitten.

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