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1. RE: Blogrolls – Do you link just because you were linked? Or do you link because you actually read it?

I link because I actually read it. I’ve been linked at places that I’d never link back to because of the sole reason that I would not spend any time there reading it. I don’t mind an email saying , “Hey I’ve linked you – – would you visit my site and consider a link back?” – because I’m always interested in new and fresh things to read. I once had a guy do that – -but I didn’t link back. The guy stalked me via email for months demanding to know why I wouldn’t link back, because he had me linked – – so shouldn’t I reciprocate?

Answer: No.

2. RE: Stupid Quizzes: Do you do them? If you do – do you do them because you think they’re cute, fun and interesting? Or do you do them because you have absolutely no ideas in your head and have nothing else to blog about and you feel obligated to put something, anything up there?.

Stupid quizzes are….well….stupid…but can be fun, sometimes.

3. RE: Other blogs – 5 (or more)blogs that have captured my attentions this week

I found and added a few new blogs to my list this week:

A Small Victory – obviouslly not a new blog…but new to me, really – because I haven’t spent much time reading Michele’s rantings. It was her cleavage that drew me in – – and I read her more regularly now. I like her style.

Rachel has just the cutest blog design. I found her via my comments here – and have enjoyed reading her site so far. She’s currently having an issue with cheating spouses….good woman, that Rachel.

Then there is Marc who is married, but still dabbles in bachelor-like cooking.

Rachel’s husband, Gary enjoyed my post over at Right Voices and took it step further – – bannanas, anyone?

I’ve been reading Robert for a while – so he’s not really new to my blogroll. But since I recently finished his conversion from MT over to WP – I’ve paid a bit more attention to his site, and it’s become a daily read. He has an email from a soldier who makes the following statement:

For those of you who support us in our endeavors, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and know that your support DOES make a difference to us. To those of you who do not, please sleep well and know that your bitter insults, narrow viewpoints, and indifference to the very real threat that exists make no impact whatsoever to our collective resolve to rid the world of those vermin who would take our freedom – yours included.

That is a feel good post. A real feel good one.

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22 thoughts on “RE: Blogs – 3”

  1. Lisa,

    I get emails all the time requesting a link and usually oblige, but they go in the bottom bunch. In my trip around the blogosphere, if I read them a good deal I move them up.

    I also purge my blogroll every couple of months. Some people I’ll just never read and others don’t ping or some other aggegator which drives me nuts. If they don’t ping eventually I usually de-link because I never make it that far down the blogroll.

    Which reminds me: I’m going to shorten that lower blogroll by fixing at displaying 50 links to shorten the column.

  2. Not a bad idea, Robert.

    My blogroll column tends to get long – – depending on how many are on at a given time. I try to purge it every so often – but often, forget about doing it.

    Thank you for the reminder – I think I shall do it tonight.

  3. Lisa,
    Ouch you got me Lisa ….the stupid quizzes and if not you can count on a quote for the day. This is still my new toy and at times I am going to be either so deep in a philosophical discussion or the other extreme a stupid quizz because I know I live the most boring life right now. Heck I have to find my place in the world again and then I’ll make mine in the blogging world….lol

  4. I try to clean my blogroll out weekly.. but then I’m a housewife with nothing to do.
    I also TRY and go through all my links atleast 2 times a week. If I find I’m not reading them anymore .. POOF they go..
    And since I’m a housewife with nothing to do blogs like yours keep me HAPPY!

    PS.. I’m having issues with cheating spouces.. but MINE isn’t cheating.. just wanted to clarify =D

  5. I like your comment on blogrolling. I link to someone because I actually read their blog. Sometimes I am just surfing and stumble upon some, link, then decide later that I do not like them, so I then delete them.
    I recently started doing little mems. Its not because I don’t have anything to post, I just thought it would be something fun for me to do for myself. I only blog for me not for everyone else. Although it is nice to get input now and then. Have a nice evening. =)

  6. opps I forgot the rest of my comment on the blogrolling….what I was going to say was that I may link to someone, but that by no means means that they must link back to me. IN fact that’s the last thing I would expect. It is a nice surprise and a warm fuzzy feeling. (don’t ask me why), but I in no way expect a link back. I just like to read.

  7. I never expect a recip. link. I guess that’s why I think it odd that other people do.

    I have no problem linking upon request – however, when someone expects…nay..demands it simply because they’ve linked…well, no. 😉

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  11. I love this Re: blogs thing and I’m annoyed that I haven’t had time or motivation (read: severe writer’s block 😉 to do the last two. so I may well resurrect them tonight when i do number three. yay!

  12. OK I am all motivated and have sat down especially to reblog ;), but no one’s site is letting me copy and paste the questions, and I’ll be blowed if I can’t pseudo plagiarise a meme! Maybe it’s my version of IE? it’s number 6… 🙁

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