Skin Me!


I got the site skinning feature down. Hot damn.

This solves my issue with constantly revolving templates on this blog. Of course, you know – more skins to be coming soon…none tonight, though. I’ve spent way too much time getting the scripty stuff worked out.

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14 thoughts on “Skin Me!”

  1. Guessing you used wp-hacks and the wp-styleswitcher. I found it rather nice as it didn’t require much work to add styles one set up. Now I want to know bout the wp-stats, didn’t even know we could do that.

  2. Thank you, Randy 🙂
    You and I have same tastes – I currently have my view set to “Freedom” ‘cuz it’s my favorite one, so far.

  3. Gorgeous.. just gorgeous. I’ve set to serentity today. Tomorrow will be freedom. I wish I had more to do than switch skins on peoples sites and AIM icons. Sometimes Housewifing it is soOooOoO boring.

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