Poppies! Poppies! Poppies!


Our Pharmacist alerted us that there is an ongoing shortage of the Morphine soltabs that we use so often with our patients. They are tiny little morphine pills that dissolve underneath the patients tongue. Makes for easy morphine delivery for patients who cannot swallow pills. He gave us many different alternatives that we can use instead. But, because we are creatures of habit and really really dislike change – – of course, we whined.

Our Pharmacist assured us that it would be temporary.

Morphine is from opium…which is from poppies….which grow in abundance in the Middle East and Asia. Damn terrorist!

Actually, Morphine sulfate immediate-release oral tablets (MSIR) from Purdue Frederick are on back order due to a manufacturing upgrade. Although product was not shipping during the upgrade, the company is in the process of filling back orders at this time.

I know, I know – more than you wanted to know.

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